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2nd time battling Riku!! No other boss!!! Just the 2nd time battling Riku!!!!
HP: 900
MP: Does it really matter?

Ok, now Riku is, supposedly, one of the hardests bosses... Yes, he does have a 
lot of hp, but that is not the hard part about him. Neither is curing. The 
hardest part, I feel, is his attacks and the fact he is stupidly fast! Here are 
his attacks:

   1. He just attacks you.
   2. He says: "Welcome Oblivion!!!" and then he flys around the room.
   3. Once he's done flying around the room he will produce a big electricity 
attack from underneith you. (Weird huh?)
   4. Once you heal yourself, or just after a while, you will hear him 
say "Heal this!!" and he will do a a thunder attack all over the feild...

In my mind he wasn't too hard to beat but, it will take a few tries to beat 
him... I was on level 46 when I beat him and It took me 3 tries to win... It 
may take you more or less to beat him. I would recommend you have lots of mp, 
and pockets full of elixers or mega-elixers... I just used cure every once and 
a while and I did fine. But you may just want to be safe...

Heres how you avoid his attacks:   

   1. When he just attacks you you can't really do anything about it... just 
him back!!! (tee hee)
   2. When he says "Welcome oblivion", get ready, what I did was, I was stupid 
and didn't do this the first 2 times I tried him, was right when, or a second 
before, he starts to fly around the room jump in the air and glide. Glide until 
you fall then jump and glide again. Keep on doing this until he lands on the 
ground then go up to him at use physical attacks. Whats frustraiting is that 
when I was over at my friends house, she tried to battle him a few times and 
finally, the last few times she tried, I told her, "Right when he starts to fly 
around cure yourself... you may get hurt once or twice, but when you cure 
yourself, you become invincible and you can't be hurt..." Well that worked and 
she beat him. But then when I went to battle 
him, I tried that, but I couldn't seem to do it. (*Note... You have to have 
good timing to do this... I don't know how she did this.) So, you chose which 
you want to do.
   3. Now, once he's done flying around he will go an electricity attack that 
comes up from underneith you... now the easiest way I think to dodge that is to 
dodge roll. Dodge rolling is a super easy way to not get hurt! I don't know why 
you don't get hurt when you dodge roll, but it is usefull! Either that or you 
jump and glide, again. But you have to be able to swerve between each bolt, 
because then go up too high for you to glide over. Sorry!!!
   4. When he says "heal this", there will be a big thunder attack that he 
makes. So, what you can do, again, is either cure, dodge roll, take the blows, 
or try to glide and swerve away from them. The best method I think is dodge 
rolling away. But thats just me. I use dodge roll a lot. So, you chose which 
one works the best for you!!! (*Note... When you dodge roll you go really fast, 
so it's easier to get away from enemies you don't want hurting you.)

And once you've beaten him you get Ragnarock, a new ability, and you get to be 
a heartless!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

PST: If you have any questions or complaints for me, then you can e-mail me at: 
[email protected]

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