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Name: Ultimate Darkness X
Email: [email protected]
Version: 6.0
Date of Last Editing: August 10, 2003
Game Name: Kingdom Hearts

Version 1.0
What you Need (Updated May 21, 2003):

Verson 2.0
How to get through his first HP Bar (Updated May 21, 2003):

Version 3.0
What to do with Sin Harvest (Updated May 21, 2003):

Version 4.0
How to deal with his simple attacks and his Berserk Flying Sword Swinging
Attack (Updated June 11, 2003):

Version 5.0
Main Strategies after Sephiroth's First HP Meter is Gone
(Updated August 10, 2003):

Version 6.0
How to Deal with his Meteor Crush (Updated August 10, 2003):

What you Need:
First of all in order to beat Sephiroth you want to have these abilities
MP Rage (at least 1), Sonic Blade, Second Chance, Dodge Roll, and Guard

You also want the spells:
Curaga and Aeroga

You should use the Devine Rose Keyblade or another strong keyblade that
increases your MP and be at Lv 60 or better.

How to Get through his first HP Bar:
This Part is pretty Simple.  Be sure to Lock On to him.  You could just go
strait up and attack him head on with combos of less then 4 hits, but you
should use Sonic Blade until his first HP Bar is gone.  When you run out
of MP, just let him hit you then use Curaga and repeat that until you have
the amount of MP that you want.

What to do with Sin Harvest:
Okay he was easy through his first HP Bar, but now he gets dangerous.  He
will run at you and slash you.  I always used Dodge Roll, so use it.
Eventually get close to him and he will teleport.  Immediatly lock on to him
and dodge roll to his location.  He will appear and say "Sin Harvest".  You
have just about 5 seconds to hit him, and don't wait.  If you see a halo
over Sora's head get as far away from him as possible, then have some type
of curing item ready and when your HP goes to critical instantly use the
potion.  Later in the fight he won't say "Sin Harvest" but he will say
something and will do the same motions.

How to deal with his attacks:
When he uses his berserk flying sword swinging attack (I named it that
because I couldnt come up with any other name), use dodge roll and whenever
you get damaged be sure to use curaga.  That is about all you have to do
to save yourselves from his attacks.

Main Strategies after Sephiroth's First HP Meter is Gone:
I use the gurilla tactics after his first HP bar is gone (Hit & Run).  He
can become a major pain.  You want to run from him when he runs at you.  Make
sure that you heal yourself whenever he hits you or you could be in deep crap.
Use any strong attack that you can on him (Sonic Blade, Ars Arcanum, etc.)
Always watch for him to teleport.  If he does, most of the time it is for Sin
Harvest.  Do not use combos that go more than 3 hits or he will teleport and hit
you from behind.  Be sure to use Aeroga whenever you can.

How to Deal with his Meteor Crush:
Sometime, when his HP gets low enough, he moves to the center and starts glowing.
Meteors will fall and the shockwave from them will do some damage, so jump to
avoid it.  Then, the meteors will start spinning around him, Use dodge roll to
avoid most of them and use curaga if you get hit.  Finally all of them will come
towards him and a big explosion damages the entire ring.  Most of the time, he
decides to use Sin Harvest on me soon after the explosion.  That is how I dealed
with his Meteor Crush.

If you have any questions email me.

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