Pokemon: FireRed

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How to Beat The Elite Four Easier!!!

               How To Beat  The Elite Four
1. Pokemon 2. Items 3.Strategy
1. Pokemon/Pokemon You Need
I. Charizard/Lv. 70/Fire
1. Slash
2. Return
3. Blast Burn
4. Fire Blast
II. Lapras/Lv. 65/Water
1. Surf
2. Rock Smash
3. Hyper Beam
4. Blizzard
III. Jolteon/Lv. 65/Electric
1. Thunderbolt
2. Thundershock
3. Anyone
4. Anyone
IV. Hypno/Lv. 65/Psychic
1. Hypnosis
2. Dream Eater
3. Thief
4. Anyone
V. Articuno/Lv. 65/Ice
1. Ice Beam
2. Hail
3. Anyone
4. Anyone
2. Items/Items You Need
I. Full Restore/25/$75,000
II. Full Heal/25/$15,000
III. Max Potion/25/$62,500
IV. Revive/25/$37,500                    Total:$190,000
3. Strategy/Strategy You Need
1.*Lorelei:Dewgong/Lv. 52/Use Jolteon
Cloyster/Lv. 51/Use Jolteon
Slowbro/Lv. 51/Use Jolteon
Jynx/Lv. 54/Use Charizard
Lapras/Lv. 54/Use Jolteon
2.*Bruno:Onix/Lv. 51/Use Lapras
Hitmonchan/Lv. 52/Use Hypno
Hitmonlee/Lv. 52/Use Hypno
Machamp/Lv. 56/Use Hypno
Onix/Lv. 54/Use Lapras
3.*Agatha:Gengar/Lv. 54/Use Hypno
Golbat/Lv. 54/Use Hypno
Haunter/Lv. 53/Use Hypno
Arbok/Lv. 56/Use Hypno
Gengar/Lv. 58/Use Hypno
4.*Lance:Gyrados/Lv. 56/Use Jolteon
Dragonair/Lv. 54/Use Articuno
Dragonair/Lv. 54/Use Articuno
Aerodactyl/Lv. 58/Use Articuno
Dragonite/Lv. 60/Use Articuno
Rhydon/Lv. 59/Use Lapras
Alakazam/Lv. 57/Use Hypno
Exeggutor/Lv. 61/Use Charizard
Arcanine/Lv. 59/Use Lapras
Blastoise/Lv. 63/Use Jolteon
Written & Designed by, Kwamee Georghiades.
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