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    //////    //////     //  //     //////     //  //     //////     //  //
    //  //    //  //    //  //     //         //////     //  //     //////
   //////    //  //    ////       ////       //  //     //  //     // ///
  //        //  //    //  //     //         //  //     //  //     // ///
 //        //////    //  //     //////     //  //     //////     //  //

                 H  H  OOO  W  W     TTT  OOO    BBB  EEE   A   TTT 
                 H  H  O O  W  W      T   O O    B B  E    A A   T
                 HHHH  O O  W WW      T   O O    BBB  EE   A A   T
                 H  H  O O  WW W      T   O O    B B  E   A   A  T
                 H  H  OOO  WWWW      T   OOO    BBB  EEE A   A  T

                 tttt h  h eeee   EEEE L    IIII TTTT EEEE       4   4
                  tt  h  h e      E    L     II   TT  E         4    4
                  tt  hhhh ee     EE   L     II   TT  EE       4444444
                  tt  h  h e      E    L     II   TT  E              4
                  tt  h  h eeee   EEEE LLLL IIII  TT  EEEE           4

*Writer's note: Before you enter, make sure that all of your party pokemon are at* 
*least at level 65 and that you have as many Max. Potions, Super Potions, Revives,* 
*and PP Ups as you can get before you enter the Pokemon League.*

You start with Elite Four Sidney. He uses dark pokemon. His pokemon are as follows: 
Mightyena Lvl 46, Shiftry Lvl 48, Absol Lvl 49, Sharpedo Lvl 48, Cacture Lvl 46

If you started with a Torchick then you are golden. The moves for your fully 
evolved Torchick, or Blaziken, are: Sky Uppercut, Blaze Cut, Strength, and Ember. 
If you deleted or don't have any moves, go to the move deleter's/teacher's house to 
recieve them. (You can't receive Strength through this process.) Anywho, once the 
battle begins, make sure your Blaziken is out an all you have to do is use Blaze 
Kick on Mightyena, Shiftry, and Cacturne; Sky Uppercut on Absol; and two Strength's 
on Sharpedo. Yahoo!!!! You've defeated the first out of the Elite Four!

Your next challenger is Elite Four Pheobe. She uses ghost pokemon. Her pokemon are 
as follows: Dusclops Lvl 49, Dusclops Lvl 51, Banette Lvl 49, Sableye Lvl 50, 
Banette Lvl 49

If you are using Ruby version, Groudon can be a big help with its moves Earthquake, 
Fire Blast, and *Flamethrower (*if achieved). On both Dusclops and the Sableye, you 
should use Earthquake. It usually makes the battle end in "a one-hit-KO attack". On 
both Banette, you should use Fire Blast and then Flamethrower if it has any more HP 
(Health Points). Great!!!! You've just defeated the second Elite Four!

Next, you face on Elite Four Glacia. She uses ice pokemon. Her pokemon are as 
follows: Glalie Lvl 50, Sealeo Lvl 50, Sealo Lvl 52, Glalie Lvl 52, Walrein Lvl 53

In this battle, you are going to want to use your Blaziken and your Groudon. For 
Blaziken, you should be able do defeat a Glalie with one Blaze Kick so those 
pokemon are out of the way. With Sealo, you will want to use Groudon's Earthquake, 
so their out of the way too. Last but not least, you are going to have to defeat 
Walrein. For this pokemon, you should use 2 Earthquakes and 2 Strenghts if it 
doesn't faint first. Next is the last Elite Four, how breath taking!

Next and last of the Elite Four is Drake. He uses dragon pokemon. His pokemon are 
as follows: Shelgon Lvl 52, Flygon Lvl 53, Altaria Lvl 54, Flygon Lvl 53, Salamence 
Lvl 55

To beat Shelgon, you should use attacks like Ice Beam and Blizzard. You can also 
defeat him with a critical hit Earthquake. Both of his Flygons are easily defeated 
with those attacks also and with Blaze Kick. Altaria is so easy to beat with 2 to 3 
Blaze Kicks or 2 Ice Beams. Last is Salamence. He is defeated with Ice attacks and 
maybe an Earthquake or two. Finally! On to the Champion!

*Writer's Note: Make sure that all of your pokemon are fully healed before you* 
*exit the big staircase room.*

Last but never the least is the Champion Steven! He uses all different kinds of 
pokemon, so this is a very hard battle. His pokemon are as follows: Skarmory Lvl 
57, Aggron Lvl 56, Cradily Lvl 56, Metagross Lvl 58, Armaldo Lvl 56, Claydol Lvl 55

To beat Skarmory, use your Blaziken and Groudon's fire attacks here. To defeat 
Aggron, use water attacks like Surf, Waterfall, Dive, and use fighting attacks like 
Blaze Kick. I would also reccomend Groudon's Earthquake. Cradily is easily defeated 
with Earthquake and other ground type moves. Metagross is hard to defeat, but 
Blaziken and Groudon can take him. Wipe him out with fire and ground type attacks. 
Armaldo is pretty easy to defeat with ground attacks and water attacks. Claydol is 
the last to be described in this group. Claydol can usually be defeated with a few 
Blaze Kicks and Embers from Blaziken. Congratulations! You've defeated the Champion!

Your rival and Professor Birch will come and talk a little. (I think that you and 
your rival battle, I sort of forgot so I am sorry for the inconvenience.) After 
that, Steven will take you into the next room and say something. Then you can sit 
back and watch the credits roll. Have fun! From here on out, you can do anything 
you want!

     ||||||||   |||  |||   ||||||||     ||||||||   |||  |||   |||||||
        ||      |||  |||   ||           ||         |||| |||   ||    ||
        ||      |||  |||   ||           ||         ||||||||   ||    ||
        ||      ||||||||   |||||        |||||      ||| ||||   ||    ||
        ||      |||  |||   ||           ||         |||  |||   ||    ||
        ||      |||  |||   ||           ||         |||  |||   ||    ||
        ||      |||  |||   ||||||||     ||||||||   |||  |||   |||||||


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