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 Hey!I'm Chris.I've just written this on March 27,2005.I'm here to help you beat 
Paper Mario:The Thousand-Year Door.If you see a mistake or something that I 
missed,please e-mail me at [email protected] and tell me what I messed up.    
 Anyway,here's what I'll be giving:                                                 
1.Beginning Story                                                                   
2.Prologue:A Rouge's Welcome                                                        
3.Chapter 1:Castle and Dragon                                                       
4.Chapter 2:The Great Boggly Tree                                                   
1.Beginning Story                                                                   
 While Prncess Peach was on a vacation,she meets an old merchant in a town called 
Rougeport.There the merchant gives her a box that contains a magical treasure 
map.She sends the map to Mario,hoping that he'll help her find the legendary 
treasure.Luigi finds the map in the envelope Peach sent to him along with a letter.
There,Mario sets off on a grand adventure to Rougeport in search of Princess Peach. 
Here begins the story of Mario and the Thousand-Year Door.

2.The Prologue:A Rouge's Welcome
 After you arrive at Rougeport,you'll meet your first partner(after you go a little 
ways north),Goombella, being attacked by ugly thugs called X-Nauts.There,you'll 
enter your first battle with Lord Crump.All you have to do is hit him with your jump 
and hammer moves successfully and you'll do fine. After you give him a good 
whoopin',the X-Nauts will tackle you.Actually,they'll try to tackle you.Goombella 
will take you up the big stairs to the main part of town.Then you'll be able to use 
her abilities to help you on your guest.When she's done talking, go east to find 
Prof.Frankly's house.It's the second door you pass after the bandit takes half of 
your coins.There he will talk about the treasure in the Thousand-Year Door.He'll say 
that in order to open the Thousand-Year Door,you need the seven Crystal Stars to 
break the seal.After he teaches you about your Action Commands,you must go to the 
Thousand-Year Door.Go in the pipe behind the gate Frankly opened and walk right.A 
goomba,spiky goomba,and a paragooomba will be guarding the way.Fight them and go up 
the stairs.Go behind the wall and jump on the platform.Jump in the pipe.Walk along 
the path and go down the stairs.Bust the big yellow blocks to reveal a pipe.Jump in 
it.Go right to find a blue switch.Hit it to reveal a hidden stairway.Go up the 
stairs and jump off of the edge by the wall to get a black key.Go back up the stairs 
and enter the door.Use the key to open the Black Chest and you'll learn the Paper 
Airplane move.Leave the room.Use the paper plane move to get across to the bigger 
yellow block.Go into the door to reach the....Ah!Could it be?Yes!The Thousand-Year 
Door!Step onto the pedestal in front of the Thousand-Year Door to get the location 
of the first Crystal Star and the special move Sweet Treat.After Prof.Frankly teaches
you the special move,the audience,and the roulette wheel,go down the pipe again.Use 
the papre plane move on the panel where the goombas were.Fly across to reach the 
next door.Go inside and hit the blooper tentacle.Then you'll have to fight Blooper
(12HP,tentacles 3HP).When you kill him,jump across the platforms and jump into the 
3.Chapter 1:Castle and Dragon
 You've reached Petal Meadows!Go right and you'll see a VERY big dragon fly over 
you.Yes,you have to fight it.Anyway,keep running right until yo reavh a river.Find a 
big patch of grass and shake it.You'll see a pipe.Jump in it and hit the blue 
switch.A bridge will be built.Cross the bridge and you'll reach Petalburg,the city 
of koopas.Go talk to Mayor Kroop in the pink house.He'll tell you in order to get to 
where the Crystal Star is,(Hooktail Castle)you need to have the Stone Keys.Leave the 
house and go right to find a gatekeeper.He'll let you in to reach Shhwonk 
Fortress.Go to the first building.WAIT!First buy a few POW Blocks THEN go to the 
first building.My Bad!You'll see two statues.Shake them to fight the Bald Clefts
(2HP).Beat them with the POW Blocks.Leave and go to the second building.You'll see 
two more statues that have Bristles(2HP)on top of them.Beat them with the POW Block 
and leave.Go to the last building.There you'll see a Thwomp statue.Shake it.He'll 
give you a quiz.WHAT?!You want answers?Fine...Here are the questions:
Q1:What's hidden in here?A:Stone Keys
Q2:How much does a Mr.Softener and a Fire Flower cost together?A:16 coins
Q3:What is the mayor of Petalburg's name?A:Kroop
Q4:Where's the Crystal Star?A:Hooktail Castle
Q5:How can you get from Petal Meadows to Rougeport?A:Through a pipe
Now!Are you happy?After he opens the way to the Stone Keys,jump in the pipe.Walk 
left to get the Moon Stone and fight the fuzzy(3HP).Get the Sun Stone by goin g 
right and fight that fuzzy.Go back to the room you came in and fight the Gold Fuzzy
(10HP).Beat it and go back to where you saw the rocks when you first began Chapter 1.
On the way,Koops the koopa will want to come with you.Say"yes"and he will join your 
party.Stick the Stone Keys in their holes and two switches will appear.Use Koops's 
hold power to hit the switches simutaneousley to make a pipe appear.Jump in the pipe 
to get to Hooktail's Castle.When you enter,use the spring to get to the Heart 
Block.Use it to repelnish your HP and FP and walk across the walkway to get to the 
castle gardens.Use the paper plane move to get to the enterance to the castle.Go 
inside and hit the red block to get the Power Bounce badge.Trust me,you'll need 
it.Go across to the second the letter that Koops's"dead dad"has.It'll say 
that you need abadge that makes a cricket noise.I'll tell you where it is.Don't 
worry.Go to the Red Bones(5HP)on the ground and press A.A lot of Dull Bones will 
fall down from who knows where.Hit them with your hammer and go fight the Red 
Bones.You will do no damage to it if you jump on it,so don't try it.Beat it then go 
through the door.Get the Shine Sprite in the next room.Bust the yellow block on top 
of the other blocks.Fall off of the edge.Hit the yellow switch and use Koops's shell 
to hit the red switch.The stairs will shift.Go up the stairs and get the key.Hit the 
red switch again and open the locked door.Go on to the big green block and use 
Koops's shell to hit the green switch.Go left and you'll see that you need a key. Go 
back down and in the next door.Go right and use Koops's shell hold to move Mario by 
the gate and hit the red switch.You'll see a black chest.Get the key for it in the 
spike room next door.When you grab the key,you've got to get out of the maze.Hurry 
and get out!Open the chest and you'll learn Paper Mode.Use Paper Mode to get out of 
the cell.Use it to get the badge in the first cell and equip it.Go back to the 
second room you came in and use Paper Mode to get the key.Go back to the locked door 
and open it.Go in,refill your HP and FP(if needed)and hit the blue switch.A walkway 
will appear.Hit the next switch with Koops's shell and go across the walkway.You'll 
see an open window.Jump in it to get to the other side of the walkway.Go in the next 
door.There'll be a green block.Use Koops's shell hold to hit the switch and go up.Go 
in the left door.You'll meet Ms.Mowz,the badge theif.When she leaves,open the 
chests,get the Shine Sprite, and use the key to open the right door.Go inside.Hit 
the yellow switch at the end of the room.Use Koops's hold power to do what you did 
to the big reen block and go up.Carefully walk left and use Paper Mode to get to the 
paper plane panel.Fly to the door and go inside.Walk down the stairs and hit the 
yellow switch.Use the shell toss to get the key.Go up the stairs,get the Shine 
Sprite,and go inside the door.Walk across the path and up the tower.Refill HP and FP 
and save your game.Now you're ready to fight...Hooktail!Mwa!Ha!Ha!Ha!Oh,sorry.You 
can't hurt Hooktail(20HP)unless you have the cricket badge on.If you got the Power 
Bounce and you understand the effect of it,you'll beat Hooktail in no time.Say"No"to 
his tricks and beat him when he swallows the audience.After you win,Koops's dad will 
pop out of Hooktail's mouth and he'll give you the Diamond Star Hooktail 
swallowed.You'll now learn the special move Earth Tremor.

*In Between Chapters 1 and 2*
 Play as Peach and Bowser easily and go back to the Thousand-Year Door.Frankly will 
say that you need to go through a pipe.Go down to the room before the Thousand-Year 
Door.Use Paper Mode to get through the bars talk to the puni and he'll lead you to 
the pipe you need to go through.Punio(the puni)will then follow you for the rest of 
the chapter.

4.Chapter 2:The Great Boggly Tree
 When you enter Boggly Woods,go right until you meet the Shadow Sirens,arguing about 
a stupid sketch.Continue walking right until you see the Great Tree.Go in the pipe 
and to the tree.Listen to Punio yap and leave the tree.Go right to find Madame 
Flurrie.Go right and into the hidden stairway.Go hit the blue switch and go into the 
pipe.Use Koops's shell to hit the Shine Sprite to your left.Use the plane to fly to 
the other side and go right.You'll see Madame Flurrie's House.Use Paper Mode to get 
through the hidden hole in the bushes and go in the pipe.Go to Flurrie's 
House.She'll say that she's missing her necklace.Go back to fight the Shadow 
Sirens.Vivian(10HP),Marylin(12HP),and Beldam(9HP)all have different 
powers:fire,ice,and lightning.They're hard to dodge,so be careful!When they lose the 
necklace,get it and take it back to Flurrie.Flurrie will then join your party.Go 
back to the Great Tree and up the tree trunk.Use Flurrie's Gale Force to blow away 
the paper to reveal the secret enterance.Punio will open the door.Go inside the 
tree.Fight the X-Nauts(4HP)and listen to the fat puni,Puniper.When he's done, go up 
the pipe's until you reach the other punies locked up in cells.Go to the next room 
on the left.Ms.Mowz will be there and you'll have to fight the X-Naut she knocked 
out.Beat it and get the Red Key.Unlock the red cell and go back to the first room.10 
punies will then follow you.Get the Puni Orb and go to the room where you saw the 
statue.Stick the orb in the statue and a pipe will appear.Take the orb out and go 
down the pipe.Put the orb in the next statue and blow the punies into the water.Blow 
them across to the other side.Take out the orb and go down into the water.On the 
other side,there will be a Shine Sprite.Get it and go back up to get the punies and 
take them down the pipe.Walk along the ledge until you reach a statue.Blow it away 
and use the plane panel to fly around to get the Shine Sprite on the block.Go back 
up to get the punies.Go back down and go right to reavh a pipe.Jump in it.Take ALL 
11 of your punies to the room where the jabbi went.Fight the 10-jabbi squad and 
win.After the punies destroy the jabbi house,go in the door. Open the chest and get 
the blue key. Now go back and unlock the blue cell. Ninety punies will then join 
you. Now go back to the room before the area you fought the jabbies. Cross the zig 
zag bridge and defeat the piders (5 HP). Get all 101 punies and go across the 
bridge. Go into the room. Fight the 100-Jabbi squad. Go inside the next door and 
down the pipe. Go to the next room and stick the orb in the statue. A cage will fall 
on you. Use paper mode to get out of the cage and down the pipe. Study the symbols: 
Sun, moon, puni, star and hit the black switch. Now go back to the room next to the 
ten-jabbi place. Hit the white switches and the panels will change. Switch the 
panels to sun, moon, puni, star. A door will appear. Go inside the door and open the 
big chest. You will get the Super Boots. Go out of the door and spin jump on the 
board to get the Shine Sprite on the pillars. Now go back to the cage where the 
punies were left and spin jump on the board. Blow away all of the punies into the 
hole and you too, jump into the hole. Get the punies and go up the pipe. Take the 
punies out of the room, up the pipe, and stick the puni orb into the statue. Spin 
jump on the board and blow the punies into the hole. Go down the hole and into the 
pipe. Jump inot the next pipe. Jump across the pillars and up the pipe. Go onto the 
switch and use Koops's hold power and walk off of the switch. Let go of the x button 
to hit the switch. Go back down the pipe and use the lily pads to get the shine 
sprite. Cross the bridge and go inside the pipe. Use the puni orb and the floor will 
fall. Get the orb and go into the next room. Use the orb again and a Crystal Star 
will pop up. Lord Crump will get it and activate a time bomb. Get the orb and go up 
the pipe. defeat the X-Nauts quickly and open the door. Go up the pipe and up the 
next one. Go left and up the next pipe. Cross the ledge and go up that pipe. Just 
jump across the piller, don't worry about the punies they will be fine. Then go out 
the door. Lord Crump will be waiting for you, he will stop the bomb and you will 
have to fight Magnus Von Grapple (30 hp). Defeat him and the hand of the robot (2 
hp). You will then recieve the Emerald Star and learn the special move Clock Out! 

Now ends my walkthrough. I will write Chapters 3,4, and 5 ASAP. Until then see ya! 

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