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P O K E M O N  F I R E R E D

This walkthrough will tell you how to beat the best of the best.

Gym Leader #1: Brock.  He is not the leader in the first gym that you will 
see.  You need to go past that city and into Peweter City.  Brock is a pretty 
easy gym leader.  To beat him use your squirtle or bulbsaur and use water or 
grass attacks..  If you chose a Charmander I would catch a caterprie and evolve 
it into a Butterfree and then use confusion.

Gym Leader #2: Misty.  Again having a Charmander really does not pay off here 
because Misty has all water pokemon.  The best starter pokemon here would be 
Bulbsaur but also if you managed to somehow catch a electric pokemon USE IT.  
Anyway the best way to beat this leader would be to store your Charmander away 
usless you have less than 7 pokemon and use grass or electric attacks.  

Gym Leader #3: Lt.Surge.  Go on the S.S Anne and get The HM cut.  Use it and 
the shrub blocking Diglets cave and catch a few Diglett with dig.  Then go back 
and cut down the shrub blocking the gym.  Go in and whip Lt.Surges A**.  

Gym Leader #4: Erika.  She uses grass type pokemon.  This is the point in the 
game where picking a charmander finally pays off.  If you chose a Charmander 
then use fire attacks to make Erikas pokemon faint.  Overall I would use Fire, 
Psycic or flying.

Gym Leader #5: Koga.  Koga has some very strong pokemon.  If you intend to beat 
him your pokemon sould be about lvl 41.  I would use Psycic pokemon aganist 
Koga, but you don't have to.  As long as you have very strong pokemon you 
should have little trouble.  If you have trouble use the Psycic pokemon.

Gym Leader #6: Sabrina.  She has very good pokemon.  You will need very strong 
Psycihc pokemon to beat her.  The only psychic pokemon weakness is psychic 

Gym Leader #7: Blaine.  After you get the secret in the pokemon mansion you can 
enter the cinnabar gym.  I think you have to answer a question about pokemon in 
order to advance into the next room.  If you answer it wrong you have to face 
the trainer.  Blaine has fire pokemon.  The answer to beating him is pretty 
obvious.  Use water and ground pokemon and attacks.  If you dont have any water 
pokemon quit playing the game because you are a failure.  IF a water pokemon 
faints use a ground pokemon and crush him.

Gym Leader #8: Giovanni. Remember the first gym you saw well the gym leader is 
back and ready to lose.  Go inside and face him.  Giovanni has very good ground 
pokemon and I really can't help you with this.  I beat it by using very high 
level pokemon so I recommend you do this.  I am sorry about this gym leader.

T H E  E L I T E  F O U R

The elite four has five trainers four very strong people and you rival.  The 
elite four gets stronger every time you face them.  Your rival is the hardest.  
He has different pokemon that play to your first pokemons weaknesses.

#1: Lorelei. She has ice and water pokemon.  Even though she has ice pokemon, 
some of her pokemon are water and even though fire works on ice pokemon it will 
not work on water pokemon.  So bring 1 strong fire pokemon and one strong 
electric pokemon.  

#2: Bruno.  This dude has rock and fighting pokemon.  I guess you could bring a 
strong water pokemon, but I would bring a very strong fighting pokemon 
instead.  If you have to do some more catching and training that is fine.  You 
could also use flying types asthough I don't recommend it.

#3: Agatha.  This person uses ghost and poison.  I would bring a poison pokemon 
but you dont have to.  Just be sure you have a couple strong pokemon that don't 
have attacks that have contact such as body slam.  These type of attacks will 
have no effect on the ghost pokemon.

#4: Lance.  You may think that his dragon pokemon may be hard to beat but they 
are pretty easy the first time.  All you have to do is use a very strong 
pokemon with ice or dragon attacks and you should beat him no problem.

I will add your rival at a later date  Bye Bye

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