How to beat Valmar's Parts - Guide for Grandia II

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Valmar's Toung:This boss is was to easy.1)Attack the arms useing Fallen Wings.
Keep hitting the arms.(also use Critals)Once your finished with the arms hit
the head with every thing you got.

Valmar's Eye,Eyeball Batsx4:Put someone on healing duty you'll need it.
Take out the Bats with magic then once their HP gets low use Fallen Wings
don't forget about useing Snooze,Shh,Fiora on Valmar's Eye to stop it.If 
Millenia goes into berserk mode keep healing her until she is finished.
Attack the Right Tendril then the Left.Now finish off the Eye.

Valmar's Claw:This battle is the same as the Toung use healing magic
sometimes.Just use Critals you'll be fine.

Melfice,Renarator,Sword:Put two people on healing duty.Use a Gold Feather
because this guy blazes through the IP gauge and performs more Demon Hord 
Slases than you could want to see.Use White Apocalips then use Wisper To The
Stars.Take out the Renarator and then the Sword.Once you take them out Crital
Melfice and use Stram to counter his many Wow's.

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