How To Beat Vegnagun - Guide for Final Fantasy X-2

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   This guy's tail has 34,200 hp.Oh man,and it's just his tail.The struggle to beat 
Vegnagun Piece by piece unfortanately begins with one of the hardest pieces.A laser 
fired from his tail will instantly knock off close to 1500 hp from one character.Use 
an Alchemist to mix potions and hi potions to make a result of Mega potion each 
round.Attack the tail with strong spells and a  dark nights darkness ability every 
turnuntil it is defeated.I spent the time to level up al my dresspheres so if you 
don't have some of these dresspheres then try to beat him with a different 
Vegnagun(leg),Node A, B, 
This guys leg has 18220 hp.This fight is going to end when the leg is destroyed.If 
quickly going to the end is what you want,then just keep attacking the leg and 
healing yourself.But if you attack the nodes you will get a lot of experience points 
and alot of gil.You can also stand a chance of getting the heros drink item, which 
makes you invulnerable for a pretty long time.Red nodes attack with physical attacks 
and yellow attacks with magic and green just heals.Don't bother to use magic because 
the nodes have really high magic defense.Yellow is immune to mmagic and red is 
immune to physical 
Vegnagun(core), right and left 
 The bulkwarks try to protect the core by casting protective magic on it and some 
spells to disable the party.The bulkwarks each have 3000 hp and the core has 33040 
hp.You could destroy both of the bulkwarks in one blow by getting out a  dark knight 
and casting darkness before they cast any protective spells on the core. If you do 
that you can focus all your attacks on the core while it is charging to do a 
powerful attack.If you fail to defeat it before it fires,then use a mega pheonix to 
revive any undead people.The core revives the two bulkwarks before he charges his 
next session.Disable the core and destroy them before you defeat the core.          

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