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Xemnas (Last Battle) FAQ

This FAQ will help you defeat Xemnas once and for all. In case you didn’t notice,
this FAQ will only help you with the LAST BATTLE and nothing else.

•	The First Part Of The Battle  
Immediately after you start the battle, Xemnas will throw you up into the  air. Use
reversal until the beams stop coming at you. Now you will fall down onto the floor of
the battle arena. Now the battle has really begun. 

•	The Second Part of The Battle

Now that you have successfully avoided all of Xemnas’ deadly sabers, it’s time for
you to start hurting him. Remember, the key to winning this battle is patience.
Xemnas will start shooting more beams at you. Use reversal to dodge them and at the
same time move toward him. If you are a low level, hit him with just one combo. If
you are a high level, you can try to get two combos in but I wouldn’t recommend it.
after this Xemnas will probably transport somewhere behind you and shoot more beams
at you. If so, repeat all these steps again. But, Xemnas may make himself into
doubles. There is one way to identify the real one from the fake one. One will
disappear before the other one. Unfortunately, you only have a very brief amount of
time to hit him. If you miss him, start running away from him. If you hit him, don’t
try to get two combos in, low level or not. This will just waste your precious
health. Only wage one combo against him. Afterwards, run away from him. He will then
start repeating everything I have said before this. Eventually, he will even repeat
the first part of the battle. But not just yet.

•	The Third Part Of the Battle
 Before he repeats everything I have listed before this, Xemnas will make a double.
The double will then capture Sora. You are now forced to play as Riku. Make your way
toward Sora, while making routine stops in between to attack the other Xemnas. DO NOT
ATTACK HIM LIKE YOU NORMALLY DO! Use Dark Aura to attack him. When you get there, use
the reaction command “rescue”. Now you resume play as Sora.

•	The Last Part Of the Battle

Ok, now go through all the things that are listed before this as many times as it
takes until you get Xemnas’ health down to his last half bar of health. This is
probably the hardest part of the battle. Xemnas will summon millions of lasers and
they will form a circle around Sora and Riku. Reflect all of them by simultaneously
pressing x and  triangle at the same time. Or, if you are not able to do this you
could let one of them go at a time. Be warned that if you have low health do not try
the second way but the first way. After this all you will have to do is hit Xemnas
with two more combos while he’s limply hanging in the air to defeat him. Now, you can
enjoy the ending.

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