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I have become the Dragon Master of Pokemon Leaf Green. If you Ice lovers ever 
want to beat a Dragon Master (Not like Lance...I consider him a "Dragon Owner" 
instead of a "Dragon Master") you might need to read this...:

Meaning of Dragons:

Dragon Teams is basically a team full of Dragons that are able to cause all 
the status problem and control all the types...the only weakness a PURE dragon 
Pokemon has is Ice...Whe I say Pure, I am talking about pokemon that JUST have 
the Type of Dragon (i.e. Bagon). Others like Dragonite are Dragon and he is affected by Fighting, Electric, and Ice...which is NOT good. 
But Dragonite is still a good Dragon to own...Here is the "Trail to Dragon 
Master" walkthrough I promised in the Title:


First "Dragon": Now, if you are starting out...your starter Pokemon (Even 
though it isn't a Dragon) should be Charmander...Beleive me, you won't have to 
worry about Blastiose with your Rival if you are going to be a Dragon Master. 
So you get Charmander...Train with him in the grass for a while to get him to 
level 10, it won't take but 10 minutes at the most, and then deliver the 
parcel. Go and do the thing where he gives you the Pokedex etc...

Second Dragon: This is prbably the second easiest Dragon to get...First right 
before you enter Mount Moon...go into the Pokemon Center...There hould be this 
weird guy in the corner...he will be selling a Magikarp at Level 5...Buy it 
and train it...or wait until you get to Cerulean and just give it to Day 
Care...In the new games...Magikarp evolves at Level 25...But it used to be 
Level 30...that put me back...because if you don't get it before it evolves 
from the won't learn will already have learned Tackle 

Third Dragon: Next, STOP when you get to Celedon...This is were you are gonna 
get your second Dragon...By this time you should have a Charizard(If you 
trained him enough...I already had a Charizard at level 50...My Charmeleon 
evolved on the S.S.Ann)near or around level 30-40...Go directly to the Cafe 
near Erika's Gym and get the COIN CASE...then go to the Roket gamecorner
(NOTICE)don't do any fighting!!!) and buy all the coins you can get...well 
you have 4,600 coins (Note that you should be able to find around 300 coins on 
the floor...use the Item Finder)Anyway...then go to the Prize Exchange 
building and get a Dratini...train your Dratini using Charizard or Garyados in 
the Rocket area...then use Dratini in the Gym and around the routes outside of 
Celdon...By the time you leave Celadon...You chould have a Dragonair.This is 
the Hard but more effective way...oce you get the Super can just 
catch them in the Safari Zone at levels of 15 or higher...

Fourth Dragon: This IS the easiest Dragon...When you get to Cinnabar 
Island...Fly to Pewter City...Go all the way up to the ledge and use cut to 
get into the second house next to the Museum...there should be a guy standing 
next to this Podium thingy with a weird rock on it...he will tell you it is 
amber and it has Pokemon DNA in it...he will give it to you...Fly back to 
Cinnabar Island and go into the science lab...give the amber to the guy in the 
third room who says he can resurect Pokemon...walk out of the building and 
immediatly walk back in...he will give you an Aerodactyl...This is EVERY 
Dragon poemon you can get in The old version...there are new ones though...

Fifth Dargon(Available after you get the National Pokedex): I recommend you 
catch and train a Horsea as SOON as possible if you want this one...Go to 
Sevii and lok around...I beelive it is on the third Island...Kings Rock is the 
thing you need...Make a evolved Horesea(Seadra) hold King's Rock...Trade it 
with a friend and it will evolve into Kingdra...A Water my opinion 
it is weaker than a Garydaos...but I just got it to have every Dragon...

The rest of your Dragons: Now will HAVE to cheat if you 
want ot own all the Dragons...Trade with your Saphhire or Ruby versions To get 
a Bagon, Swablu, Trapinch, and Rayquaza...




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