How to become a water/dragon master - Guide for Pokemon: FireRed

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     It is very easy to become a water/dragon pokemon master.

1. First you have to get the starter pokemon squirtle. Train it to level 36 so 
it evolves into Blastoise.

2. Next is Gyarados, you get a Magikarp at level 5 for 500$ in the corner of 
the Mount Moon pokemon center.

3. The third one is Kingdra, you can catch a Horsea after the fourth gym 
leader and have the super rod just left of laverder town. When it evolves into 
seadra you need to give it the KINGS ROCK and trade it to a homie of yours and 
evolve it. 

4. The fourth one is Polywrath, you catch a polywag just north of Cerulian 
city and when it evolves into polywhirl use a water stone on it and you will 
have a polywrath.

5. The next one is Dragonite, you can catch a Dratini in the safari zone at 
level 15+ or pay 2800 and get it at level 18 evolve it into dragonair at level 
30 then evolve it into drogonite at level 55.

6. The next one is starmie, you catch staru at vermillion city right in front 
of diglets cave with a super rod around level 18. then you evolve it with a 
water stone.

 You are now a water/dragon Master 
Have fun and be careful.


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