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Walkthrough by xxRyGuyxx

Walkthrough News:

Today I founded this walkthrough. I finished the American part of it
and am planning to add the other parts in a few weeks. I am proud
of this walkthough and took alot of time putting it together. I hope
you enjoy it and learn from it.

Version 1.0

This FAQ is on how to build a good defensive base in a skirmish match.
I am going to start from the very ?beginning, so don't use this if you are
already half way into the match. I am putting this in steps, so you won't
be looking at endless lines of text that is crammed together. 


1) Unpack your base

2) Build a power plant newar your base

3) Build an Ore mine.

4) Build a barraks.

5) Crank out 10 GIs (you can make more or less
depending on how much money your started out with)

6) Place them around your production center and put them in 
defensive stance.

7) Create a War Factory.

8) Place it somewhere near your GIs.

9) Crank out a couple tanks and move them by your GIs.

10) Build the main lab (or whatever it is called)

11) Build prism towers around all your buildings.

12) Build some spys.

13) Make them look like an enemy soldier.

14) Sneak it into their base and sabotage their radar/airforce base
(if they have one. if not, skip this and wait until they do)

15) Build an airforce base of your own.

16) Build walls around your primary building and main lab.

17) Wait for an enemy to attack and see how this holds. If you
folled this walkthrough, the enemy will crumble under your feet.

Adding next part soon.....

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