How to Catch Groudon Easier!!! - Guide for Pokemon Ruby

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How to Catch Groudon Easier!!!
~~Table of Contents~~
*1.Pokemon and their Moves Needed
*2.How to Require the Pokemon
*3.Technique for Catching Groudon
*4.Special Extras
*1.Pokemon and their Moves Needed:
1.Sceptile:Lv.50:Moves:Leaf Blade(Level Up),Hyper Beam(TM15),
Any other 2 moves.
2.Swampert:Lv.50:Moves:Rain Dance(TM18),Surf(HM03),
Any other 2 moves.
3.Relicanth:Lv.50:Moves:Waterfall(HM07),Yawn(Level Up),
Rock Tomb(Level Up),Any other move.
*2.How to Require the Pokemon:
1.Sceptile:Start out with or Trade.
2.Swampert:Start out with or Trade.
3.Relicanth:Dive in Routes 124,126,and 127.
*3.Technique for Catching Groudon:
SAVE BEFORE YOU BATTLE!!!Have at least 10 Revives and 20 Ultra Balls
in your bag.With Sceptile Use 3 Leaf Blades OR 1 Hyper Beam.Switch to
Swampert.Use Rain Dance.Then use Surf OR switch to Relicanth and use
Waterfall then Rock Tomb.With Relicanth, use Yawn.Switch to Sceptile.
Go to your bag and start throwing Ultra Balls.When Groudon is in the
ball, press the A button repeatively.If you happen to KO him, turn of
your GBA or GBASP.Then repeat Step *3.GOOD LUCK!!!
*4.Special Extras:
In Lavaridge Town, there is a old lady by the hot springs.If you talk
to her, she will give an egg.In the egg will be Wynaut.Before you talk
to her, save your game. go to your local videogame store and buy an
Action Replay GBA Pack OR a Gameshark GBA Pack.On it, enter these 2 codes:
BF672F9A 04501F7B D7A2E463 9F64ABFA. If entered corectly, every step you
take will be 255 steps, so the egg will hatch faster, and inside the
egg will be a Lv.5 Groudon.
If you have any questions, feel free to email me at
[email protected]

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