How to catch the Legendaries of Hoenn! - Guide for Pokemon Emerald

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Rayquaza: Level 70 in the Sky Pillar. After the elite 4, got to sky pillar(East 
of paccificloge town), manuever through it with a mach bike, and catch Rayquaza 
with Ultra or timer balls.

Kyogre and Groudon: Both level 70 in the secret caves. After the elite 4, go to 
the weather instutute and talk to a scientist upstairs. He will tell you about 
a drought and/or a flood on a specific location. Go to the location and find a 
cave entrance. Once you capture it or kill it, go back to the scientist to find 
the location of the other. I would use Net balls on Kyogre and Ultra balls on 

Latias/Latios: Level 40 and Anywhere. After the elite 4, your mom asks you to 
pick Blue or Red. If you pick Red, Latias will be running aroun Hoenn, if you 
pick Blue, Latios will be running around. You Mean look on them to pin them in 
palce and the battle is on! Use your masterball if you dont use mean look. 

Regirock, Regice and Registeel: They are at level 40 and know Superpower! You 
need a Wailord and a relicanth to do this and a pokemon with dig. Put Wailord 
in front of your party and relicanth in back. than go to the routh between 
Slateport and pacifidlodge and use dive at a place where the currents can't get 
to. Than find some writting in the dive place and use dive there. you will be 
in a cave. go to the back wall with writting and go to the center writting. use 
dick and hole will appear. Now the will be another set of 3 writtings. this is 
where your to pokemon come in. click the middle writting and the ground will 
shake. 3 doors will open: one on the route where absol is found, one on the 
route beetwen mr. braineys house and dewford and one in the desert. it is up to 
you to figure out how to open the reies doors inside the ruins you opened with 
your wailord and relicanth!
NOTE: It is differnt than in sapphire and ruby so Beware...!!!?

Bonas Semi-Legendary pokemon!
Absol: Routes Between Fortree and Lilycove in the tall grass. They are hard to 
catch for level 25s, so use ultra balls.

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