How To Catch The Regi's - Guide for Pokemon Ruby

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Fly to Pacifidlog town on route 131/2. Make sure you have a Relicanth and a 
Wailord in your party, as well as a pokemon that knows dig, and a Pokemon that 
knows dive. Surf left and down from Pacifidlogtown, into the ocean current. Let 
the current take you, and keep going. Eventually, you should se a square of water 
you can dive in. Dive there, and follow the path. You should come to a square 
plaque with braille on it. Dive up, and you should be in a sealed chamber. Walk 
to the end of the chamber. There should be a tablet with braille on it. Use dig. 
A door will open. Put Relicanth first and Wailord last in your party, and go 
through the door. Go to the end of the new chamber, and click on the braille 
tablet. It should say a door opened far away.
Fly to route 120, where the guy says he found what he thinks are ancient ruins, 
but he cant see a door. A door should have appeared in the rock. Go in. There is 
another tablet with braille on it. Step to the center o the chamber, and use fly. 
A door will open. Go through, and you will find Registeel.
Go to the desert, and go down. There will be another rock with an open door. Go 
in, and you will find another tablet with braille on it. Walk 2 paces right, and 
2 down. Then, use strength. The door will open. Go in, and you will find Regirock.
Regice is found above Dewford City. Head to Granite Cave, and surf up and left. 
You will see one more rock, surrounded by six others. Go in the door, and go in. 
Click on the tablet at the ned of the chamber, and wait. The door WILL open, it 
just takes time. Go in, and find Regice!!

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