How to Complete Mission 4 - Guide for Devil May Cry

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How to beat Nelo Angelo I

In mission 4, you come across Nelo Angelo I.
First of all, there are 2 secret missions you can take. Go back to the cathedral 
door that leads to the path of trails. The objective is to kill 100 Phantom babies 
in 30 seconds! Equip the handguns and move around a lot while shooting, as you can 
kill 2 or three by standing on them as well. Complete that to receive a Blue Orb 

Once that is done, head straight to the study, blasting marionettes with your 
shotgun/Alastor combo. Slice through any sin scissors that come your way, and watch 
out for the vengeful Phantom that chases you through the circular corridor. Run 
straight into the study to escape him.
Once in the study, Secret mission 3 arrives. You have to kill 100 Phantom babies in 
just 20 seconds without weapons! Just run around a lot, and receive a Blue Orb Slice 
for completing the secret mission. Save your game. 
Now in the study, there is a Watcher of Time statue. Run in and out of the study, to 
fight Sin Scissors and Marionettes, and collect the heaps of Red Orbs.

Now, alternate between going in and out of the study, and defeat any enemies. Save 
up all of your Red Orbs and go back into the study. Buy the following upgrades:


Stinger Lvl 2 (buy Stinger lvl 1 first)
Air Raid

Normal Abilities and Items:

3 Yellow Orbs
2 full Blue Orbs
2 Vital Stars
2 Purple Orbs

Each Purple Orb you buy, adds one extra symbol onto your devil trigger. To 
successfully beat Nelo Angelo I, you need at least 5 symbols, which allow you to 
stay in devil trigger far longer, and use Air Raid on him.

Defeating Nelo Angelo I

Stinger Lvl 2 is the main attack you should concentrate on. Stay a safe distance 
from Nelo Angelo I and keep using Stinger lvl 2. If he blocks, then jump away as 
fast as you can, or he can strike back hard and you lose half your health in one of 
his combo’s!
Once you reduce 25-50% of his health, he’ll jump up to a balcony. Follow him; 
otherwise he fires blue balls of flame at you.
Jump away as soon as you land on the balcony, otherwise he tries his own version of 
your High Time move, knocking you into the air and striking you down, which takes 
down a lot of your health.
Keep using Stinger lvl 2 and Air Raid to beat him. Only use a Vital Star if your 
health is red, and keep those 3 Yellow Orbs handy!

The items you don't use, (e.g a Vital Star etc) will be needed for the other 

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