How to Create Superman - Guide for WWE WrestleMania XIX

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		So you want to make superman huh well here he is.

Hair- Choose Short 3    Color- H:0 S:0 B:0
Eyes- Eye shape  3 color full eye red  Figure- W:27 L:35 D:27 
Eyebrow- Eyebrow 40
Nose- Nose 1
Mouth- Normal 1
Body- Type 2
Upper Body (Inner)- Parka 
Color- Dark Blue    Logo 1- Sample Texture 27  Position- X: 0 Y: 2  Scale  X: -13 Y: 
Upper body (outer)- Cape 9
Lower body- Long Tights 2
			Color 1- H:0 S: 89 B: 50
			Color 2 and 3: Dark Blue
			Logo 2- Pattern B6
			Color 1 and 2 The 1st yellow
Shoes- Short Boots 1
		Color 1, 2, and 3 Dark Blue

	Head  Shoulder  U Arm  F Arm  Chest  Waist  Abdomen  Thigh  Calf  
W:	13	 50       50	50	50     50     12     50	     50
L:	 7	 50       11    11       4     12             35     35       

Profile- Name Kalel
              SN Clark
              NN Superman
	    Type Baby Face
Ability- Endurance 3
	    Strength 6
               Agility 3
	     Jumping 3
               Recovery 10
Moves- Template Brock Lesner now the F-5 is the S-5
Entranc- Template Brock Lesner 
	And there you go if you don’t like the G then you can make it a S if you 
want but that is a lot harder.

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