How to defeat the carrier gost in Halloween Town - Guide for Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

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What you have to do is stay away from the yellow light that flashes out of 
the   Carrier Ghost's eyes. If you stay away from it's eyes,it'll keep looking 
for you until it's eyes turn orange,that means it found you.If you stay away 
from the yellow light,it'll be easier to kill it.If you can't do it at first 
just keep trying,you'll get it soon.(God knows how long it took me to figure 
this helpful little piece of information out.)The easiest way to do this is the 
minute the fight starts and your able to move,run right behind it.The thing is 
when your behind or right under the Carrier Gost,it can't see you.This is the 
best time to attack.But if you start attacking before your behind or under it 
it'll see you,allowing it to join into the fight,making it harder to kill the 
thing.It is really hard to cast a magic spell without you being seen by the 
ghost so I would say don't use magic unless you are seen by the Carrier Ghost 
because it is really vulnerable to fire magic so if you are happen to be seen by 
the ghost hit it with as much fire magic as you have.I would recommended stocking 
up on a lot of fire magic before you go on this mission.Also,at the end of the 
fight,the diamond money stuff that the ghost drops after it's dead are HUGE!Plus 
the health orbs,well,there is a lot of them.That is one helpful way to defeat 
the Carrier Ghost.If you comment on this please do not comment bad things because 
I did this myself and I am not copying this FAQ from another website,and if you 
try this and just can not do it,well than deal with it,it's YOUR problem now 
isn't it.FYI: I have a keyblade necklace and I think thats what caused my good 
luck.If you want a keyblade necklace,you can get them on E-bay.They are from 
Hong Kong.To get to this area,you will need fire magic to light some lanterns.

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