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Dodo Flying FAQ. (PS2)

Posted by Unsteady Dood ([email protected]) E-mail me if you have
suggestions or questions.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Locations Of The Dodo
3. Before You Start Flying
4. Take-Off
5. Stability
6. Turning
7. Gaining Altitude
8. Do?s And Don?ts Of Flying
9. Landing The Dodo
10. Having Fun With The Dodo
11. Doing Tricks With The Dodo
12. False Rumors
13. Flying The Rhino
14. Outro


[1. Introduction.]

     Hello there! So, you can't seem to be able to fly the clipped-wing plane, the
Dodo, much longer for 10 seconds, can you? Well, your days of flying straight into
the ocean are gone! This FAQ will tell you how you too can fly the Dodo just like the
experts! Once you learn to fly the Dodo, you will spend countless hours up in the air
exploring the GTA3 world from a whole new perspective. Feel free to print this FAQ
out and use it for your private use only. Good Luck and Happy Flying!

[2. Locations Of The Dodo.]

     Well, first off, to fly the Dodo, you have to find the Dodo. The Dodo can be
found in three different parts of Francis International Airport in Shoreside Vale.
The first location is just past the tollbooth of the entrance to the airport. Follow
the road and take the first right. Go to the third hangar on the right. There is a
Dodo in the middle of the hangar. To find the second location, take the same route as
the first location but instead of turning into the hangar, continue on down the road.
The road will curve to left and then to the right. Take a left just past the jet on
your left and you will see the Dodo right in front of you. To find the third location
of the Dodo, take the same route to the second location but do not follow the road
around the curve to the right. Instead, go past the yellow and white ramps on the
left and take a left. You will now be on a road that runs parallel to the runway.
Follow this road until you see two hangars on the left, one will have a jet in it,
and the second one will have the Dodo in a corner

 [3. Before You Start Flying.]

     This section tells you some quick things to do before you start flying;
this will make flying easier and more enjoyable.
     (a.) Turn off the radio - This is the first thing I do once I get in the
Dodo. This makes concentration easier and allows you to hear key elements in
taking off (covered later in the FAQ).
     (b.) Find a suitable view - Whichever view you use while you are driving, I
recommend you use for flying. The only one you cannot use during take off is the
first-person view. You must be able to see the entire plane while taking off.
     (c.) Decide which control you want to use (Analog Stick or the D-pad) -
This doesn?t really matter, I use the D-pad, but you may feel more comfortable using
the Analog Stick.

[4. Take-Off.]

     When I give directions to press, I will be talking about using the D-pad. The
controls on the Analog Stick for latitude (up and down) are opposite the D-pad. So if
I say press down, you would press up on the Analog Stick. Right and left directions
are the same for both.

     There are two main places to take off from the airport. There is the
runway that the 767s use and the one that is not used. I, personally, like to
use the one the 767s use as the other runway is more difficult to take off from due
to the wind directions. Don?t worry about crashing into the other planes as they
take-off/land as you will go straight through them. Follow these steps for easy take-off:
     (a.) Face the Dodo towards Staunton Island. Hold R1 so that the engine
will be revved up and ready to go.
     (b.) When you?re ready, release R1 and immediately hold DOWN. The Dodo
will gradually gain speed.
     (c.) As you are gaining speed, there will be two key signals that tell you that
the Dodo is ready to fly. You will see sparks coming from the bottom of the Dodo and
you will hear it scraping the ground. (If you are having trouble seeing the sparks,
switch to the side view) Whenever you see or hear this, release down. DO NOT PRESS
UP. The Dodo will begin to gain altitude.
     (d.) As soon as you release down, hold L2 or R2 so that you get the side
view. Continuously TAP down so that the nose of the Dodo is level with the
ground (or ocean.) DO NOT HOLD DOWN, for this will cause you to do a nose-dive
straight into the ground. Not too much fun.
     You should now be flying relatively parallel to the earth heading for
Staunton Island.
     (e.) I have had a lot of letters because people get confused with the D
section above. This is an alternate way to level out the Dodo:
      Make sure that the view is in the second outside view. Not the one that
is far away or the one that is close up; the one in the middle. Whenever you
see the red part of the nose come into view, tap down until you cannot see it
anymore. Repeat until the nose doesn?t come up anymore.
     You should now be flying relatively parallel to the earth heading for
Staunton Island.

[5. Stability.]

     Now that you are able to take off, you must now learn how to keep it
up.... so to speak. You will never press up; again you will NEVER press up
while stabilizing. Doing so will cause you to shoot up in the air and stall
out. Also, you must continually hold X while flying. Not doing so will cause
you to lose altitude and crash. If you are going to be flying for a long period of
time then you should rest your thumbs at the loading screens between cities.
     (a.) If the Dodo starts to go down, let it do so. It will eventually catch the
draft again and start to rise. When it does so, tap down continuously to get it
leveled again with the earth.
     (b.) If you are not losing altitude but the Dodo is shaking, then it is
because of the winds. LIGHTLY TAP either right or left, and this will get the
wings parallel with the earth. One of the most important facts that I cannot stress
enough is DO NOT PANIC. It may seem that the Dodo is going to fly straight into the
ground, but it will not if you stabilize it right. Calmly wait for it to descend and
then it will rise again. Calmly tap down and get it level with the ground, then you
will be fine.

[6. Turning.]

     Now that you?re in the air, you?re flying level, you suddenly face a new
problem... a building. Granted, that the clipped wings of the Dodo makes
turning extremely difficult, it still can be done. There are some basic rules
you should always follow while turning:
     (a.) Do not hold right or left, simply TAP - If you do hold right or left, you
could end up spinning out of control. Only once you mastered turning is when you can
hold right or left. I wouldn?t even call it holding, more like a long tap.
     (b.) Correct the over steer - If you are turning but you have turned the
Dodo too much, you must correct this with the opposite direction you just
pressed. For example, if you wanted to turn left, and the Dodo turns left too
far, then you must tap right to get it flying straight again.
     (c.) Know your turns - In order to turn successfully without crashing, you must
give yourself enough time to turn. Trying to turn the Dodo too quickly will make you
crash. Make sure you know where you want to go and any obstacles that could hinder
your flying.
     Turning is not difficult once you get use to it. Just always remember to
TAP and never hold.

[7. Gaining Altitude.]

     Now that you have all the basics of Dodo flying down, you will want to be able
to fly higher so that you can explore. You should only try the techniques in this
section if you have mastered the ones above. Trying to do this too early in your Dodo
flying lessons can cause you to crash. I have divided this section up into two
different parts. The easy way to gain altitude and the more difficult way to gain

     The easiest way to gain altitude is to fly around the coast of the
islands. As you are flying, the Dodo will constantly be gaining altitude on
it?s own. Let the Dodo gain altitude for a couple of seconds and then tap down to
level it out. It will eventually fly at its highest; this is where you do not have to
worry about losing altitude during turning. This height is roughly the same height as
the top of the Callahan Bridge.

     The more difficult way of gaining altitude is what I call IAG (Immediate
Altitude Gain.) This way comes into play when you have to gain enough altitude in
order to avoid a building or other tall structure. In order to do this you must do a
two-second up tap. The Dodo?s nose will fly up into the air and will gain altitude
immediately. You cannot let the Dodo gain too much altitude for too long of a time.
You should not let the Dodo gain altitude for more than two seconds consecutively. As
soon as these two seconds are up, press down to level the Dodo. This technique can
only be used to gain about 30 feet instantly. If you try to gain more than the Dodo
is capable of doing, you WILL stall out. When you stall out, you will lose all the
altitude you had gained and you will lose about 30 more feet from your original altitude.

[8. Do?s And Don't Of Flying.]

(a.) Hold down during take-off.
(b.) TAP down to correct altitude.
(c.) TAP right or left to turn.
(d.) Have fun.
(e.) Always hold the X (accelerate) button!

(a.) NEVER press up, except when landing and performing IAG.
(b.) NEVER hold anything.
(c.) Turn too quickly.
(d.) Release the gas.
(d.) DO NOT FLY OVER UNIQUE JUMPS. Doing so will cause you to crash and you?ll
have to start over.
(e.) DO NOT FLY OFF THE EDGE OF THE MAP. Doing so will crash your game, and you will
have to reset.
(f.) Panic.

[9. Landing The Dodo.]

     Believe it or not, landing the Dodo the proper way is harder to do than
take-off! This will require immense practice to perfect and is only recommended to
veteran Dodo fliers. The best place to practice is at the runways at Francis
International Airport. Take off from the same runway that you always take-off from,
and make an immediate right turn as soon as you stabilize the Dodo. Turn the Dodo
completely around so that you are facing the shorter runway that you did not take off
from. Follow these steps:
     (a.) Let go of the gas. This slows you down and you?ll need your right
thumb later on.
     (b.) Make sure the Dodo is level after turning. If the Dodo is shaking to the
right and left, it makes landing extremely difficult.
     (c.) Hold up until the Dodo?s nose is at least at a 45 degree angle
between it and the level of the ground.
     (d.) The Dodo will slowly begin to descend, but DO NOT LET THE NOSE GO
BELOW 45 DEGREES. Tap and hold up as you need to.
     (e.) The Dodo?s back wheels will eventually touch down. Hold R1 and square to
come to a complete stop.
     This will take a few times to perfect. Don?t get discouraged.

[10. Having Fun With The Dodo.]

     Now that you are able to fly the Dodo for longer than 10 seconds, you are now
able to explore the massive Liberty City. There are several things to
discover in the city. Try some of these things for starters:
     (a.) Try to see what is on top of Kenji?s casino. (Not the one with the
helicopter, the other building)
     (b.) Fly over the stadium in Staunton Island.
     (c.) Try to land on the boat and on the lighthouse in Portland.
     (d.) Try to fly over the dam in Shoreside Vale.
     (e.) Fly around the outskirts of the islands to see how long you can fly.
Flying around the island will let you escape the unique jumps.
      Of course, these are very few things you can do with the Dodo. If you
see some place you want to explore further, but you cannot get there in
regular ways, then fly the Dodo there. Have fun! :)

[11. Doing Tricks With The Dodo.]

     Okay, you have mastered flying the Dodo in GTA3. Keeping it up no longer
satisfies you. This part of the FAQ details some tricks and maneuvers for you
to try. Some can be beneficial to learn and when performed correctly can help
you stay in the air, although they can also have the opposite effect.
     A high level of skill is required, not to do the tricks but to recover the dodo
without crashing. If you still are not a good flyer of the dodo, I suggest you reread
the FAQ, which is above. Because of the differences between Analog Sticks and D-PAD,
I have explained the Tricks in terms of what the dodo should do or parts i.e.. go
upwards so the dodo starts to climb.
     Each trick has a difficulty rating in stars (*):

* - Very Easy, even for flight beginners
** - Easy
*** - Medium
**** - Hard
***** - A challenge for even the best dodo flyers

A. Barrel Roll
B. Multiple Barrel Rolls
C. Special Barrel Roll
D. Firefly
E. Loop de Loop
F. Double Loop de Loop
G. Special Loop de Loop
H. Rollercoaster Loop de Loop
I. Downwards Helter Skelter
J. Upwards Helter Skelter
K. Cop Pied Piper
L. Snake Ride
M. Corkscrew
N. Swan Dive
O. Stitch And Thread
P. Downward Spiral
Q. Upside Down Flight
R. 180 Degree Climb Reverse
S. Star Wars Sidewinder

A :: Barrel Roll ::

     This trick is the easiest one that I have been able to repeat. Its where you
roll your wings. Steer heavily left or right and the plane will roll. Once the plane
rolls almost 360° you need to start to correct in order to stop the plane from going
out of control. It is very easy for one roll to continue into Multiple Barrel Rolls.
With practice you can do this without losing any or much height. If you do it right,
the Dodo will not veer to the left or right.
Difficulty: *

B :: Multiple Barrel Rolls ::

     This is more difficult than A because the more rolls you do the more out
of control the plane gets. You may also lose a lot of altitude fast. Sometimes the
Dodo may therefore become almost unrecoverable. Steer heavily left or right and the
plane will role. Instead on stopping after one roll, like A, continue or roll the
other way.
Difficulty: **

C :: Special Barrel Roll ::

     If you have Barrel Rolls down, try doing this. All you have to do is do a Barrel
Roll while going under a bridge. The Staunton/Shoreside Vale bridge is the best place
to do this.
Difficulty: **

D :: Firefly ::

     While you are doing Multiple Barrel Rolls, perform the Stitch and Thread
(covered later in FAQ.)
Difficulty: ****

E :: Loop De Loop ::

     This is a very difficult trick to pull off. First, you have to make sure
you are flying relatively parallel to the ground. Then, you must do a nose-dive
towards the earth for approximately one second. This should give you the
required speed to perform the stunt. After doing this, immediately go up in the air.
Keep the Dodo?s nose going towards the sky, and you should go upside down. Just keep
holding the same button you have been pressing until you become level with the ground
again. You will have to level out in order to keep from crashing. On this there is no
left or right motion, just up and down. Here is a rough diagram of what the trick
should look like:

        /    <--    \               ^
       |             \              |
       |              |             |
        \             |             | Up
         \____-->____/_____-->      |
                    /               |
   -->________     /
               \ _/
Difficulty: ****

F :: Double Loop de Loop ::

     Just like the name suggests, this is where you do two Loop de Loops. You
have to have an extreme amount of altitude to pull this one off. Just do
everything you do for one Loop de Loop twice. The only exception to this rule
is you don?t have to dive down before doing the second Loop de Loop. You should have
enough speed to do the second one when you come out of the first one. Good luck!
Difficulty: *****

G :: Special Loop de Loop ::

     Like the Special Barrel Roll, this stunt is performed with a bridge. Start out
by going under the Staunton/Shoreside Vale bridge, do a Loop de Loop to go up and
above the bridge, and then come back underneath the bridge. This is a very difficult
trick to pull off. I?ve only managed to do it once.
Difficulty: *****

H :: Rollercoaster Loop de Loop ::

     Same as the Loop De Loop except that during the loop you move either left or
right as well. It is easier to perform than the Loop De Loop despite it requiring
turning techniques.
Difficulty: ***

I :: Downwards Helter Skelter ::

     This is like doing multiple Loop de Loops sideways while also going
towards the ground. Almost in a looping corkscrew fashion towards the ground
and then recover before a crash. You have to have a lot of altitude in order to
perform this stunt. Make sure you give yourself plenty of room to recover at the end
of this trick. Once you have done all you want to do, quit holding
right/left and down, and start pressing in the opposite direction that you were
going. So, if you were going down while holding left, you would hold right and up in
order to get out of it. Level out as soon as you get a chance to.
Difficulty: ***

J :: Upwards Helter Skelter ::

     This is the same as the Downwards Helter Skelter, but instead of going
down, you will be going up. The same rules apply as going down; just substitute
everything that says down for up. You will only be able to get one or two loops out
of this before you start to lose speed and stall out.
Difficulty: ***

K :: Cop Pied Piper ::

     Get a high wanted level and get cop/FBI/army ground vehicles to follow
you, then lead them off the nearest edge into the sea. Best done off the bridge
between islands 2 & 3. Not really a trick, but good fun!
Difficulty: *

L :: Snake Ride ::

     This trick is going up and down in a wave like motion as if you were
traveling down a snake.
(1) From any position raise the nose of the dodo so that you climb.
(2) After a short period of climbing, level off.
(3) Descend again to your original height from (1)
(4) Repeat steps 1-3 a few times.

         (2) _____(3)         _____
--->       /        \       /       \     ---->
      ____/           \____/         \_____
       (1)                 (4)
Difficulty: **

M :: Corkscrew ::

     This is trick uses the same idea as the Snake Ride, except that you do
Multiple Barrel Rolls as well. It is very easy to press the wrong button that
will send the Dodo spiraling into the ground, so be warned.
Difficulty: *****

N :: Swan Dive ::

     Maneuver like you are riding down the back of a swan?s neck. This is great when
your dodo is losing altitude. By simply gaining momentum when descending a little,
you regain the forces to keep you in the air.
(1) From a height head towards the ground at 45+ degree angle
(2) Before impact with the ground, pull up
(3) Use the momentum of your decent to gain a little height.
-->  (1)  \
           \         _____ -->
        (2) \ ____ / (3)
Difficulty: *

O :: Stitch and Thread ::

     It is like stitching with a needle and thread whereby you go back through the
area that you just passed through. Requires good turning technique.
Difficulty: ****

P :: Downward Spiral ::

     From maximum height go vertically down in spinning motion then recover
before you crash into the ground. It?s like doing Multiple Barrel Rolls, except that
you?re going straight down. Give yourself enough room to pull up at the end.
Difficulty: ***

Q :: Upside Down Flight ::

     It is what it is called. Simply do half of a Barrel Roll, and let the Dodo stay
upside down. The only real difficult thing is that all of the controls are reversed.
So if you press right, the Dodo will turn left, and if you tap down (on D-pad), the
Dodo will go up. You can always turn your controller upside down to avoid this confusion.
Difficulty: **

R :: 180-Degree Climb Reverse ::

(1) Go forward
(2) Make the dodo climb fast
(3) With enough speed you will start to go back on yourself
(4) You are upside down and to stop going into a loop de loop you need to level off.
(5) Role over to an upright position.
       (5)  <--  (4)\
Difficulty: ***

S :: Star Wars Sidewinder ::

     This trick is where you travel through small gaps between buildings
sideways. It is very difficult to do, but it is a great way to impress your
friends if you can pull it off.
Difficulty: *****

[12. False Rumors.]

     One of the most common rumors deals with the full-winged Dodo. It?s the
red plane that you can see, and destroy, flying around the city. THERE IS NO
WAY TO FLY THE FULL-WINGED DODO. Do not e-mail me asking me how to get it for I will
ignore you.
     Also, there is no way to fly the helicopters, 767s, or any other air
vehicle in the game. Again, do not e-mail me asking how to do so for I will
ignore you.
     You do not get anything for flying the Dodo a certain amount of time, just the
satisfaction of doing something that few can do. You cannot fly to Disneyland and
kill Mickey Mouse. Darkel is not the pilot of the full-winged Dodo. No one pilots it.
The Maibatsu Monstrosity is not in the Observatory, on top of Donald Love?s building,
or in any sea cave. It?s not in the game, period.

[13. Flying The Rhino.]

     It seems that some people still have problems flying the Dodo even after
reading this FAQ. So, I have decided to add a section on how to fly the Rhino. Please
note that this section will not be as detailed as flying the Dodo for the simple fact
that I don?t like to fly the Rhino.
     First, in order to fly the Rhino, you?ll have to enter a code. The code is:
Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1

     Once you enter it, a message will come up confirming that you entered the code
correct. If it doesn?t, you didn?t enter the code correctly. Find yourself a Rhino,
and turn the turret around using the right Analog stick. The turret should now be
faced to the rear of the Rhino. Now, every time you press the fire button (circle),
the Rhino will gain speed.
     Now go to the runway at the airport, and begin firing the turret while you hold
the gas. Once the Rhino reaches the terminal speed, it will begin to lift off. Once
you are in the air, you do not need to hold the gas, but you do need to keep firing
the turret.
     Turning the Rhino is extremely difficult. When you do turn, do like you do in
the Dodo. Tap in the direction you want, and never hold. If you do hold, you WILL go
into a Barrel Roll. It is impossible to recover from a Barrel Roll in the Rhino.
     The Rhino is almost flown the same way as the Dodo. You can level out, but
unlike the Dodo, it is not necessary.
     That?s all I can think to say about flying the Rhino.

[14. Outro.]

     Thanks for reading this FAQ! I hope this has helped you to learn to fly
the Dodo. If anybody has a better technique for anything, then e-mail me.           
             Happy Flying!

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