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Fletching Tips

Level 1-10

Ok, so now I recommend you go to Edgeville, and if you look on the map of the city
you should see that behind the bank there are quite a lot of normal trees. Get out
your hatchet and your knife and start cutting the trees until all of them are gone
then fletch all the logs into Arrow Shafts. Since they are stackable you won't
have to worry about banking them. You will need to make 3, 497 of them. That may
seem like a lot, but you get 15 Arrow Shafts per log so it goes by pretty fast. 

Level 10-25

From here I would stick with normal Longbows until Oak Longbows as they give about
the same experience as an Oak shortbow, but are faster to cut and can be found
closer to a bank if you're cutting. As with before do not string them but leave
them unstrung. You will need to make 699 Normal Longbows before reaching 25

Level 25-40

Stick with making Oak Longbows (u) until 40 fletching as they seem to be the best
unless you're going to buy your logs. I recommend cutting oaks at the 2 trees west
of Varrock as you can bank them. You will need to make 1, 176 before you reach 40

Level 40-55

From here on, I would go to Seers' Village as that is the best place for people
your level and up. If you're cutting your own logs, cut in the spot on the map
above for willows. Now make 3, 082 Willow Longbows (u) for 55 fletching. 

Level 55-70

Now this is one of the longest and hardest stretches. From here on out you are
going to be stringing all of your bows as they give much better exp that way. Now
you will need to make 4, 881 Maple Longbows (s) until level 70. 

Alternative: Instead of fletching all these bows and stringing them, you could buy
twice as many logs and just fletch the bows. Based on Grand Exchange prices, this
would greatly reduce the price. This strategy is recommended if you don't have
millions of coins lying around, but it may be slightly slower. 

Level 70-80

Ok, now you are at one of the hardest parts of leveling fletching. You will need
to make 8, 323 Yew Longbows (s) before level 80, all I can say is good luck
because that is a lot of bows. 

Level 80-85

Now you have a choice: you can either stick with Yew Longbows or go to Magic
Shortbows. If you're buying the logs, I recommend Magic Shortbows as they give
more experience. However, if you're cutting your own logs then even at 99 woodcut
it's faster to use Yew longbows instead of Magic Shortbows, as Magic Logs are much
slower to cut. 

If you decide to stick with Yew Longbows you will need to make 8, 484 of them. 
If you decide to move on to Magic Shortbows you will need to make 7, 620 of them
before level 85. 

Nice work, you made it! Now I would go do something else for a while -- maybe
alchemy, or sell all those bows you just made and buy yourself something nice, or
train other skills. Only serious fletchers need to continue beyond this point. 

Level 85-99

If you are really serious about getting to level 99 fletching, you will need to
make 53, 420 Magic Longbows! Yeah, I know it's a lot but don't be put off by it.
You can do it and remember this will make you millions if you want it to. 

Level 99

Congratulations! You are now among the best fletchers in RuneScape! 

Other Tips

Tip #1 - Many people will be willing to trade Yew Logs and Bow strings for Yew
Long-bows. This way you can get experience and not spend anything. 

Tip #2 - 8 steps to quick bow-making:

   1. Withdraw 14 bows (u) using the 'withdraw x' option. 
   2. Withdraw 14 bow strings using the 'withdraw x' option. 
   3. Make the 14 bows (s). 
   4. Open your bank. 
   5. Withdraw 14 bow strings using the 'withdraw all' option. 
   6. Deposit the 14 bows (s). 
   7. Withdraw 14 bows (u) using the 'withdraw all' option. 
   8. Repeat steps 3-8. 

Tip#3 - When stringing, have 1 random item (eg. Dragon Longsword) in the top-left
square of your inventory and an Unstrung Bow in the opposite corner. When
withdrawing withdraw 10 Bows, then click 3 times. Then select to withdraw all
Strings. Note: You can use either Tip 2 or 3 to string your bows.

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