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I won't start until next week, but here's the contents-

1. Contents-

1. Contents
2. Intro
3. List
4. How to
5. How to begin
6. Minigames
7. My favorites
8. Reccomends
9. Sponors/Credits
10. Thanks
11. Updates
12. Good and bad
13 END

2. Intro

Hello, it's me again with another of my great FAQs! SSBM isn't working out for 
me so I've decided to start Mario Superstar Baseball! If you don't have this 
game, don't look. -_-#

Also, in my last FAQ, I said people only had to wait less than 2 months. Well, 
it's almost 2 months! Gotta update after this! Enjoy!

3. List


Shy Guy
Baby Luigi


Hammer Bro
Ribbon (Birdo)
Petey Pirana
Monty Mole
King Boo


Baby Mario
Diddy Kong
Dixie Kong
Koopa Troopa
Koopa Paratroopa
Dry Bones



Notes: Once I get everyone a superstar, I'll star Waluigi. Hopefully Yoshi will 
be my next victim! As for Mario, Luigi, and others like them, it'll take a 
little longer. Half way there, well... I don't know. I do know that I'll get 
the fatties, goombas, and Diddy on so close soon.

4. How to

Well, here begins the good part! How to become a superstar will help your 
character become a superstar! That simple! So lets begin with the member who 
started the superstar club... Shy Guy.


Smack a Hit!
Belt more than 1,000 points of bob-boms! Shy Guy only.
Make a big play!
Get more than 5 Strikeouts!

Notes: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Black are his colors- not the brightest. 
Not the stronhest muscle in the body. Until this little rookie becomes a 
superstar, he's good at pitching, ok at running, a fair fielder, but a 
HORRIBLE BATTER. Try getting a homerun with him not a superstar. IMPOSSIBLE! 
Sorry to Shy Guy fans, I'm one too. Once he's a superstar, he's a better 
hitter, and my favorite pitcher.

Stars: 1 and 2 are easy, 3 depends on luck, and 4 is... well... simple.

Well, with Shy Guy starting a club, we need a guardian. Guess who's up next as 
#2? You guessed it, Toad.


Let someone go shopping for you! Toad only.
Win MVP!
Hit a home run!
Crush someone with a body check!

Notes: Better than Shy Guy but no where near Mario, Toad is my all time 
favorite. Not like me and Kirby, but pretty close. Not the best hitter, but 
homers are possible. Pitchings not bad, fielding pretty good, and running is ok 
too. As a superstar, this kid is unstoppable! If you're like me, Toad is 
unlimited strikeouts and never ending homers! Sliding catches like Luigi and 
running like Toadette, you want Toad as a superstar in exibition right now.

Stars: 1- Shop at the store. 2 and 3... self exclamitory. And I feel bad for 
the loser who thought 4 would be easy. The hardest thing in Mario Superstar 
Beaseball so far, Body Check is unusable with Toad. Unless you're lucky, 
there's a 2% chance Toad will hit someone in body with his mushroom,BODY check!

Gotta update my next FAQ, be back this week! But before I go...

Toad is doing Shy Guy's orders well. Shy Guy is lonely and needs someone to 
annoy him. He goes to Baby Luigi for help and Baby Luigi accepts.


Steal a base!
Drop a succesful squeeze bunt!
Get a Team Star!
Win Pirana Panic with no damage!
Strike out Luigi!
Steal more than 2 Bases in a game!

Notes: I hate this kid. I was being Yoshi's team on Star, and suddenly I play 
Wario and he's a Superstar! Oh well, a superstar is better than none. Still, 
even as a superstar, his battiong ability is 1. I can't believe someone that 
tiny is so good at being... Bleh! I like Mario and Luigi, of course, but I hate 
their childhood.

Stars: 1-4 are obvious. 4 just put on easy and duck when you see anything. 5 is 
at random, he'll try to hit and miss, or hit and get an RBI. 6 is hard, but if 
you get a team you mastered, it'll be simple as changing a diaper! XD

Now Shy Guy needs a babysitter. While he checks on Toad, has a break, meets new 
people. Not a guardian, but the guardian he found was Toadette. ^_^


Smack a hit!
Strike 'em out!
Make a big play!
Win with a shutout!
Win MVP!
Hit a musical block with the ball! Toadette only.

Notes: Sorry, but I gotta go. Do another FAQ before my sister gets on. I'll 
delete this and remove it with Toadette notes later. Bye!

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