How to Get an Eevee - Guide for Pokemon Sapphire

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If you think you can’t get an Eevee in Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, or Emerald, then 
you’re WRONG! This walkthrough uses a systematic (orderly, organized, efficient, 
etc.) procedure, and if you do it right, you can even have an Eevee ARMY!	

Gameboy Advance/Gameboy Advance SP/Gameboy DS
Pokemon Sapphire/Ruby/Emerald
Nintendo Gamecube
Pokemon Colosseum
GBA NGC Link Cable (Gameboy Advance Nintendo Gamecube Link Cable)
ACTION REPLAY [Gamecube] (If you don’t have one, then drag your tail up to Wal-Mart 
and buy one. Or, if you live in a town like mine, you can get one at your local 
Video store. This is only if it rents/sells video games/memory 

1. Turn on Pokemon Colosseum.
2. Continue your story.
   a. if you haven’t beaten the mayor yet, then play the game until you beat him. 
3. Make Espeon/Umbreon the first Pokemon in your party. (choose wisely because you 
will have to make one of them female and the change is irreversible.)
4. Save & Quit.
5. Boot up your AR (ACTION REPLAY)
6. Go to Action Replay Codes and Select Pokemon Colosseum. (If you don’t have that 
title, then add it. You should also go to www . codejunkies . com and get put in the 
master code (m), the Sub-heading for Make Pokemon female codes, and the Make the 
first Pokemon female code.)
7. Check the box for the Sub-heading about making Pokemon female.
8. Check the box for making the first Pokemon female.
9. Press start and put in Pokemon Colosseum.
10. Go continue your story again.
11. Go to the basement of Phenac City and talk to the woman at the desk.
12. Turn on the Gameboy while you are waiting for your game to finish saving.
13. Go to a Pokemon Center in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald and save and turn off the power.
14. Connect the GBA to the Gamecube.
15. Turn on the power.
16. Trade the female Espeon/Umbreon.
17. After you’ve finished trading, go to the daycare people and leave your female 
Espeon/Umbreon with a male dog-like Pokemon. (Don’t use the male Espeon/Umbreon 
because they don’t like each other)
18. Wait a while and soon you will see the old daycare man standing outside pen with 
all the Pokemon.
19. Talk to him and say yes you want the egg.
20. Personally, I would wait until I had six eggs so I could have every form of 

Guide to forms of Eevee

Eevee + THUNDERSTONE = Jolteon
Eevee + WATERSTONE = Vaporeon
Eevee + FIRESTONE = Flareon
Eevee + Evolve in Day time = Espeon (make it evolve anywhere)
Eevee + Evolve at Night = Umbreon (make it evolve on Mirage Island)

Well this wraps up my guide/walkthrough! See ya everybody!

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