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                               How to Get Azumarill
2.way 1
3.way 2
  1.Have you ever used the search tool in your pokedex to look for Azumarill
and then when it’s name came up on the results list selected it, then when it’s 
file came up selected area just to find out the area is unknown?  Well using this 
guide I will tell you 2 ways to get your very own Azumarill!!!

  2.This is way one.  Way 1 requires:1 friend with a GameBoyadvance or a 
GameBoyadvance SP and either Pokemon: ruby, sapphire, or emerald versions with an 
azumarill along with either a Game Link cable or to wireless adapters.  Then 
connect and trade one of your Pokemon to your friend for his/her Azumarill.

   3.This is Way 2.  Way 2 is a bit harder and I suggest trying Way 1 first.  
1.catch a male and a female marill(you don’t have to train them).
2.give both Marills a kings rock(kings rock can be given to you by a kid walking 
around in Mossdeep by Stevens house, on some wild Haryamas, and picked up by 
Linoones and Zigzagoons).
3. Place both Marills in the Daycare(in between Muaville and Verdanturf).  
4. Talk to the old man standing in front of the gate and make sure they like each 
other.  If not restart from step 1.
5.Come back later and talk to the guy and if you waited long enough you’ll get an 
egg.(you have to have 5 or less Pokemon)  If not come back again later.
6. Walk around with the egg.  Be patient, it will take awhile and the game counts 
steps, not actual time.

    4.Thank you for reading my guide!  I hope it helps!  Up next: Pokemon Contests!
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