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Hooray!  my 10th faq.

1. Marriage in general

2. Rock

3. Marlin

4. Gustafa



In Forget-Me-Not Valley, There are 3 possible husbands.  Choose the one you like 
most and get movin, Dude!  Engagement's no picnic.  
To get your future husband to like you, give him things he will like(see next 3 
chapters).  To see how much he likes you, get to his diary.  His love for you is 
measured in hearts, and you need 4 hearts to get married.  To see his diary, go in 
his room and find it.
While trying to get engaged, you will see special scenes with your boyfreind.  A 
special scene has to happen to give him the blue feather(found by harvest sprites)
because if you give it to him any earlier he won't know what it means.  To make this 
scene happen, he must have 4 hearts.  It may happen near the end of the 1st chapter,
and it may happen after it ends.



home: inner inn

crush: Lumina

likes: Old statues, old coins, cow cheese, cow butter, some kinds or flowers

schedule: Wakes up at noon, stays in room till 1, wanders around town until 7 or 8, 
goes to bed around 1 or 2.

other info: Rock doesn't like doing work (though none of the guys do real work). 
He's a big partier and is a little annoying.


home: vesta's farm

crush: Celia

likes: home cooking and good-quality crops

schedule: wakes up at about 7, stays inside for a minute or so, works outside all 
day except for occasionnal breaks, goes to sleep at about 9 or 10.

other info: hes very shy and always ends up running away during conversations.  Good 
with crops.



home: Gustafa's Yurt

crush: Nami

likes: Ores, flowers, records, statues and coins.

schedule: Random; sometimes takes naps, sometimes doesn't, sometimes stays home all 
day,sometimes dosn't.

other info:  he can be hard to marry. kind of shy and into music.


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