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 Harvest Moon!

Table of Contents!

1. Starting the Game
2. The Girls you can marry
3. The Gifts they like
4. Building on your lot 
5. Easy money making and faster too!
6. The blue feather
7. The girls hearts
8. Buying objects you need for marriage
9. Upgrading Your house
10. Proposing to The Girl Of Your Dreams
11. Getting married
12. A baby?
13. He can crawl
14. Some extra stuff

Chapter 1: Starting the Game

When you first start the game you won't have much. And you need to get some 
money so on the second day you should sell as much as you can find and when you 
get enogh money buy a basket at the supermarket. Then you can sell things a lot 
more faster. Then next day after you buy a basket, you should figure out who 
you want to marry. Save enough money until saturday then buy something off the 
T.V shopping network. Keep doing this until there's nothing to buy.

Chapter 2: Girls You can Marry

You might already know who you can marry. There's
Mary and
You're rivals are
And Elli-The Docter (Of course)

Chapter 3: The gifts they like

Well, Elli likes (Milk, Flowers and eggs) I think)
Karen likes (Wine and Flowers)
Popori likes(Eggs and weeds)
Ann likes (Spa boiled eggs ALOT, and flowers)
Mary likes (flowers)

Chapter 4: Building on your lot

All you can build on your lot is Chicken coop extentions and the same with the 

Chapter 5: Easy money

In the summer time there is a lot of grasses and grapes so sell all of them!

Chapter 6: Blue feather

As you probably know about the blue feather. When you get your dream girl to a 
orange heart to get a letter saying the supermarket is selling a blue feather 
now. When she has a red heart give it to her.

Chapter 7: Girls hearts

The hearts go black to purple to blue to green to yellow to orange to red. then 
propose to her!

Chapter 8: Buying objects

On your T.V. you have different stations on saturdays theres tv shopping 
network you can buy things on here. you need to buy all these items to get an 
expansion on your house.

Chapter 9: Upgrading your house

Like i said before you need to buy all the items on tv shopp ing network to get 
an expansion. You need to expand twice and buy all the products except the 
carpet and the power berry. Then you can get married.

Chapter 10: Proposing to the girl of your dreams!

You need to get the 3rd extension buy all the products like the big bed and 
thats all you need and to propose you need the blue feather and the girl MUST 
have a red heart. Then you can propose.

Chapter 11: Getting married

If you propose to her and she says yes your wedding will be a week from that 
day or so. (The wedding is beautiful)

Chapter 12: A baby?

YES that's right after 30 days when you get married she asks you to go to the 
doctors and you soon find out that you're parents now! After another 30 to 60 
days your wife will have the baby boy! And it's always a boy!

Chapter 13: He can crawl

After your wife has a baby she will be holding him until 30 to 60 days later 
your wife wakes up and your baby's crying cause he fell out of the bed.
You will end up at the clinic and you will go back home and your baby will be 

Chapter 14:Extra Stuff

A free cottage: After 50 long,long years your wife will want a cottage and buy 
one for you.

Blue power berry: Grow some cucumbers and and go to the lake where the winter 
mine is(cant be winter) throw a cucumber in the lake and a green guy will show 
up tell you to go away. Throw another one in he'll tell you something else. 
Then throw a cucumber in that lake for the next 10 days or until he gives you a 
blue power berry.

Thank you for reading this
this has been your friend Caroline
Email me at this spot 
[email protected]

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