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Alright first if any of you are wondering how I know about SOCOM 3 it's because I 
got it off the internet. I know your gonna say: "It's not out yet!" but if you go to you'll be able to get it. :) Awsome huh? Secound do not copy this 
without E-Mailing me. My E-Mail is [email protected] so remember that. Alright now 
let's get down to 
business. First if you haven't played 1 or 2, {Your missing out big time if you 
didn't!} then let me tell you the controls. Well for those who like only one analog 
stick to move and turn and the other to look up and down your lucky. Although if 
your use to useing the L2 and R2 buttons to strafe then, well you gotta settle for 
the right analog. It makes you strafe. Oh let me also add that you can drive cars! 
Nice! For me L1 makes it go reverse and forward is R1. Anyway you start in two cars. 
One is driven by you and Jester and the other by Bravo. Before you go any further 
let me warn you that your partners will shoot you if your in the way. Anyway drive 
towards the nav point. The little arrow thing with some name on top like Xray, Zulu, 
ect. You should run into at least one car with two terroists in it. Just tell 
them "Fire at will" in the commands menu and your team will blast them. Once 
finished keep going up until you come to this area where you can't drive your cars 
which is where the nav point is. Get out of your cars {I think Bravo followed you 
because when I turned I saw their car.) and walk up. There should be something there 
which will allow you to climb the, I guess hill if you wanna call it that. There 
should be two guys standing there. Your team should warn you not to fire since they 
are your guys. If not just don't fire and check with the crosshares for the green 
and the name "Friendly." There should be a cutscene with them talking to Jester. 
After that run to the next nav point. You should hear Jester say something about you 
ambusing someone, and he is right cause theres gonna be some cars coming. When they 
come blast the cars with the rocket launcher on your back. Note:Theres only one 
rocket in the rocket launcher so be sure not to miss. Hit the car with the machine 
gun on it so they don't kill you. Or you could shoot them with your gun. After that 
before jumping in the car and driving to their I guess it's a base, if you saved 
your rocket launcher then pull it out and wait until you see a car. Fire and blow it 
up to complete a objective. I think it's secondary cause the misson dosen't fail if 
you don't get it. Anyway take a car and drive to the nav point "Echo." Jester will 

tell you to park the car near "Echo" so just get out and walk to the base. Also near 
a opening theres a jeep. Tell Bravo to jump in. Any body who tries to come in will 
shot by the machine gun on the jeep Bravos in. See if you can destroy the radio 
when your spotted they'll call on it for backup which will send two big cars and a 
jeep after you. If Bravo is in the jeep they should protect you. Anyway when 
everyone is dead and the radio is destroyed there should be a nav point a little 
ways away. Use the jeep Bravo is in and drive to it. Theres a fence when you get 
there that the car can't get through. Get out and go through a little opening on the 
left side of the gate. There should be a fork in the road. HQ will warn you if you 
go left you'll be attacked by a bunch of guys so take the right side. Once there 
there should be like two or three guys. Kill em and then run through the giant hole 
in the fence and hurry and plant the bomb. Then...RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!! The 
antenna will explode. Then run back to your car and go to the next nav point. That 
should be your extract and if not then E-Mail me about it cause I wanna make sure I 
didn't mess up ok? Otherwise that would suck!

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