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   This is my first FAQ, I am sega101. I will tell you where the 100 ring 
capsules are and how to get them.

1.Metal City
2.Splash Canyon
3.Egg Factory
4.Green Cave
5.Sand Ruins
6.Babylon Garden
7.Digital Dimension
8.Sega Carnival

1.Metal City

 The 100 ring capsule is on the left side of the second-floor of the first 
jump you make, so when you start, jump to either floor. Then you air surf on 
either floor, and jump off the air surf at the right place so you can get the 

2.Splash Canyon

  This one is very simple to get. When you start, if you are a speed 
character, do NOT grind. When you get on the water, to the right there are two 
waterfalls. Go to the second one. That is where the capsule is at. You won't 
see the capsule at first, because it's hidden behind the waterfall, but you 
will get it.

3.Egg Factory

   Okay, you keep going deeper and deeper into the factory. When you reach the 
spinny egg machine, the capsule is over to the left next to the open place 
where you can fall. that is what makes it hard to get it, but that's how you 
get it.

4.Green Cave

  The way to get this hidden capsule is when you get to the first air ride 
thing with a fly character, air ride the whole way, then you land on this 
branch-vine type thing, then it leads you to a little thing you ride in, then 
you would see the 100 ring capsule. That's your cue to get it.

5. Sand Ruin

   Alright, if you are a power character, and you are starting the race, keep 
going straight until you get to the open desert. Then you go into the first 
place that says "Power" on it. Then when you get to the end, and there's a 
ramp, don't jump and you will hit the 100 coin capsule.

6.Babylon Garden

  Keep on going, until you get to the place where it says "Emergency alert, 
emergency alert, prepare to repel your troops...." Then, keep going until you 
hit the ramp that a missle hits close to, ramp it real high and you will get 
the capsule.

7.Digital Dimension

  To get the capsule, you go through the door that makes the harp music, then 
on the first buiding, if you are a fly character, take the left passage and 
get the capsule.

8.Sega Carnival

  If you are a fly character,the first air ride you have to use a ramp to get 
into, then you will end up on another road, and that is where you get the 

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