How to get the BADGES - Guide for Pokemon Ruby

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Badge1 at Rustburo Gym: Roxxane
                       She has rock pokemon so it's best if you have a wingull or a 
shrumush past level 16

Badge 2 at Dewford Gym: Brawly
                       He has fighting pokemon so use wingull's Wing attack or 
combusken's double kick

Badge 3 at Mannuville Gym: Wattson
                        He has eletric pokemon so use pokemon with fighting or 
ground attacks

Badge 4 at Fallabar Gym: Flannery
                        She's got fire pokemon so use wingull's water gun and 
ground attacks

Badge 5 at Petalburg Gym: Norman
                         He is a tough cookie he has normal pokemon with dark 
attacks GOOD LUCK!

Badge 6 at Fortree Gym: Winda
                      She has flying pokemon so the best bet is thunder. Note: 
wingull can use Shock wave

Badge 7 Mossdeep Gym: Tate & Liza
                      Yes they are twins and they fight together they use Slorock 
and Deune the rock/physic pokemon

Badge 8 at Sottoplus Gym :  He uses water    

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