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1. Battlehammer
2. Volt Driver
3. Magmual
4. Judicator
5. Imperialist
6. Shock Coil
7. Omega Cannon(not an Affinity)

  Got hardness with weapons? Here you go!

1.-------------------------------THE BATTLEHAMMER-----------------------------------
Known as a 'heavy duty weapon', the Battlehammer is the very 1ST weapon. 
 First, get 1 or 2 Octiliths. Then, go to the Vesper Defense Output(VDO). Go to the 
Weapons Complex, then the Cortex CPU. Get the elevator, go left. Hit the Jump Pad, 
then, wait until you go up. Keep going and you'll get lead to the Battlehammer
Damage Type: Light(it's not heavy-duty!!!!)
Best For: * Stars
Most Used On: Kanden

2.-------------------------------THE VOLT DRIVER------------------------------------
A powerful weapon inside, the Volt Driver awaits! This is the 2ND weapon.
 Now, after you get the Battlehammer, go back to Celstial Archives. Get near the 
Data Shrine 2, and use the Battlehammer on them. You'll have to face 2 Guardians. 
Scan them ONCE you encounter them, if you didn't when you first saw them, SCREW 
YOU!!! Kill them with charged Missle attacks. Go in the tubes that have those lava 
lamp things near the entrence. Go in and hence the Volt Driver!
Damage Type: Normal
Best For: *,**,*** Stars
Most Used On: Weavel, Noxus, Trace
3.------------------------------THE MAGMUAL-----------------------------------------
Ice, beware! The Magmual is here! This is the 3RD or 4TH weapon.
 Go to the Council Chamber. Get the UA Packs then open the door, a Heat Spawn 
awiats! Go sideways and use charged Missles on him(or Volt Driver). Kill him then 
the Magmual is right on a pestal.
Damage Type: Semi-Hard
Best For: ***,**** Stars
Most Used On: Noxus
4.------------------------------THE JUDICATOR---------------------------------------
Heat, beware! The Judicator is here! This is the 4TH weapon.
 Onto Arcterra we go! Kill Trace or Noxus. Go to the Ice Hive, and solve all hell 
you have to do. Go where you find DeathAlt in Multiplayer. Scan that thing, then, 
go where the Jud is. 
Damage Type: Hard
Best For: ***** Stars
Most Used On: Spire, Kanden, Samus.
5.------------------------------THE IMPERIALIST-----------------------------------
Heavy duty time! This is the 5TH weapon.
 Get the 1st Octilith in Arcterra. Use the Magual on the orange door where you 
almost came from. Kill the Ice Spawn in that by using the Magmual. You've got to be 
quick and accurate. He will freeze you. After he's dead, the Imperialist.
Damage Type: Semi-Destroyer
Best For: All Stars( *, **, ***, ****, *****)
Most Used On: All Hunters
6.------------------------------THE SHOCK COIL--------------------------------------
What do you think it is? It's the last Affinity you get. 
 Too hard to explain, so I'll do it in an easier way for me. If your at a 
Incubation Vault, you'll see blue force fields. Look for the one with the Shock 
Coil in it. Get n the teleportor in the top. Kill a Guardian, a force field will 
disappear. Go through it, go down, there lies the Shock Coil!
Damage Type: Very Light
Best For: All Stars (*, **, ***, ****, *****)
Most Used On: Trace, Samus
7.------------------------------THE OMEGA CANNON------------------------------------
This is NOT an affinity. You dont actually 'use' it.
 Get to Gorea 2( in the first, get gorea in seal sphere mode, hit those things in 
the weapon order: yellow, green, orange, blue, purple, red), then go to the bottom. 
Theres the Omega Cannon.



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