How To Kill Mecha-Ridley Easily - Guide for Metroid: Zero Mission

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     MM  MM  E       T     R   R 0     0      I     |     D
     M MM M  EEEE    T     RRRR  0     0      I     |      D
     M    M  E       T     R R   0     0      I     |     D
     M    M  EEEE    T     R  R   00000   IIIIIIIII DDDDDD

     ZZZZZ   EEEE   RRRR    00000     M    M  IIIII 555555 55555 IIIII 00000   N   N
        Z    E      R   R  0     0    MM  MM    I   5      5       I  0     0  NN  N
       Z     EEEE   RRRR   0     0    M MM M    I   555555 55555   I  0     0  N N N
      Z      E      R R    0     0    M    M    I        5     5   I  0     0  N  NN
     ZZZZZ   EEEE   R  R    00000     M    M  IIIII 555555 55555 IIIII 00000   N   N

Hello all Metroid Fans!!!!!!I am so pleased to tell you how to easily kill the last
boss!!!Mecha-Ridley is a Robotic form of the Regular Ridley. But to easily kill him
you should have atleast 50 regular missles and about 14 super missles.When he swipes
his hand at you,you need to wall jump or use the space jump to dodge the attack.Then
you will see a red circle right dead center of his body.Shoot that with missles and
super missles.Keep doin' that until he falls down and gives you alot of health.After
that,his eye will start to blink.That means the place is gunna self-destruct.You have
five minutes just to get from the Mecha-Ridley's lair all the way to an alien ship
you saw earlier in the game.That alien ship is the ship you saw when you were coming
in the mother ship.Once you hop in there,you have beaten the game.Then you will see
how long it took for you to beat the whole game.And then it will say how much
percentage you have.The percentage is the rate of how many items you got in the whole
game.If you got 100%,then Mecha-Ridley would be harder and you would need 15 super
missles to kill him.So please atleast get over 15% to get some pictures,then if you
beat the game and get less than 15 percent then you will get another picture.There
are certain ways you can get the Pictures.And after you beat one game,go to that
game,press up,left,right,and down once and it will say New Time Attack.I chose New
Time Attack and you know what?I beat it in only 2 hours,but that was the games
time.In regular time it took me two days to beat the game.Well,I hope this guide
works well while you are fighting Mecha-Ridley!!!!C ya!!!

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