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I'm marjo5858, and this is my 12th guide!  ( My 8th on the Sonic Adventure 2 Battle 
 1. Head 
 2. Shiny 
 3. Small 
 4. How to get rare animals    
1. Head 
 A bad thing is if your chao all have the same hat.  Maybe you should make each hat 
be worn by only 1 chao.  The hat is its trademark.  It would look really boring 
with all the same chao wearing the same hat.  Before you put a hat on your chao, 
you should first just put the hat next to it.  Because if you put the hat on your 
chao and you think it looks ugly, you're gonna have to kick it.  Oh, yeah, and if 
you don't know how to put a hat on chao, read my guide called "Things About Chao 
Part 2" and go to Small Animal Info.  For lots of hats, collect lots of 
2. Shiny 
Yes, we all know about shiny chao.  But what makes THEM so cool and rare and 
expensive?  Well, they look really cool.  Like robots, sorta.  You should probably 
only have one shiny chao of each color.  If you like orange eggs, you'll luv the 
shiny version.  If you want to know how to get these eggs, look at my 2 guides 
called "Things About Chao and Things About Chao Part 2."  You know how the orange 
egg costs 600 rings, right?  Well, the shiny version is 6,000.  It's a pattern.  
 3. Small 
 If you mix too many small animals on your chao, people may laugh at it.  My cousin 
did.  Pick a certain animal that goes best with your chao.  If you put too many on 
by mistake, just use the dog from Pumpkin Hill.  Bunnies look good on white Dark 
chao.  The Golden Bird  from Tails' Mission Street looks good on the Hero chao.  I 
like to leave Neutrals plain.  Note that the colors of the animal parts will change 
color before and after the 
 4. How To Get Rare 
 Golden Bird: You'll need the iron container thing for Tails.  Go to Mission 
Street.  Go to where the poor bird is in the cage.  Break the iron containers 
nearby.  You are in a small room with a friend named push-rocket.  Step on the 
rocket.  The bird is 
 Dragon: Go to Knuckles' Wild Canyon.  In the third chao box is the dragon.  If you 
give this to your chao, they may breathe 
 Bunny: Bunnies are found just about EVERYWHERE!  *NOTE* Bunnies aren't rare 

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