How to make Tommy Dreamer - Guide for WWF SmackDown 2: Know Your Role

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face- nose- nose 1 type 1
face- eyes- 7 type 1 128\128\0
face- mouth 3 type 1
hair- base- hair 31 type 1 128\128\0
facial hair 1 128\128\0

Upper Body-
T-shirt- base 6 normal 1 60\128\128\0
Shirt 16- normal 1 128\75\96
Band right and left- wrist 1 44\128\0\252
Hands right and left- type 7 fingers 2 128\128\164

Lower Body-
Standard Superstars- Grandmaster Sexay

Weapons- Singapore cane (kendo stick)

Personality- Hardcore + (you pick the last four)

Music- Chris Benoit

Signs-Barbed wire 

Logic- Hardcore

Moves- Average

Finisher- Dreamer Driver ( pimpdrop )

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