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  Hi my name is Olivia Doty and here are some tips from me to you,
6.How to get cool furniture

 1.Starting: When you first start a game you are on the train and a cat named Rover 
will talk to you. He'll ask for your name, and then he will talk some more after a 
few seconds or so of talking you will arive. When you get off the steps a racoon 
named Tom Nook whom owns the store in town will greet you. You will follow him to 
the area were the houses are and you will pick one. You will not have enough money 
to see what happens go to section 2.

 2.Employed: When you buy the house you will not have enough money so you will 
become a temporary employ for Tom Nook. You will have to do 
and he'll make meet all the animals in town. You'll only make a little over a 
thousand bells so you will still have to pay the rest off through the post office. 
To find simple and easy ways to earn money see section 3.

 3.Money: After your done working you'll have to pay off your debt so here are some 
easy ways to earn bells. You could buy a fishing pole, bug net, and shovel from Tom 
Nook's store. After that take your fishing rode to any form of water look for small 
shadows in the water and throw. Once you have caught fish go and get some bugs once 
your done go to Nook's and sell all the bugs and fish to earn some money. With the 
shovel there is stars and golden glowing spots on the ground use the shovel to dig 
up all the things under and you might get a rare item! There is also a magic stone 
that turns red when you hit it and every time you hit it 100 bells come out!

 4.Tortimor: When Tom Nook tells you to go meet every body in town go to the 
wishing well first where you will find Tortimor. He will ask you who you respect 
the most adn if you say your grandfather you will get on his good side! On holidays 
go talk to Tortimor he is usually always at teh wishing well on holidays, and if 
you do he will give you something nice, and expensive!

 5.Sailor: every other Sunday go and take a strool on the beach you just might find 
a sailor laying down in thse sand! keep on talking to him until he gets up and when 
he finally does he'll give you an expensive rare item! Also when you get a link 
cable he'll be on the boat with the parot!

 6.How to get cool furniture: Okay first hwo about Spooky furniture. First in 
October make sure you have a lot of candy nom on October 31st where a patern or 
clothes that you hate. Go walking until a guy with a deep voice comes up and says 
trick-or-treat, and if it is the right guy he'll give you a piece of Spooky 
furniture (you may repeat this.) To get Snowman furniture on winter holidays there 
will be two snow balls find them and roll them toghether. You will make a snowman 
and if he likes how he looks he'll give you a piece of snowman furniture! Last but 
not leaast Jingle furniture on Toy Day from 8:00 P.M to 1:00 A.M a reindeer named 
Jingle will be out find him and keep on talking to him until he gives you a piece 
of Jingle furniture! If he keeps on telling you that you're on his naughty list 
change it too the next day you should have something in your mailbox from him!   

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