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Written May 2, 2009 by wolfegirl
----->>>Last updated May 10, 2009<<<-----
Hello all pokemon maniacs! This is my guide on getting Lugia AND Mew WITHOUT 
Action Replay, note that you have to have access to pal park, National Dex, and 
several pokemon games on different platforms. Please also note that this is a 
LONG process, and can not be done overnight, but is very helpful when you are 
finished, as these two pokemon will be a very good asset to your team(or dex). 
This entire guide is written by my past gaming experiences, because i 
transfered both of these a year or so ago.

(Thanks to GOW2fan for his great FAQ at LeafGreen FAQ page!(Copy and paste the 
next sequence of letters, omit parantheses "()", to go to his FAQ.

(Please note that this site( the ONLY site I have permitted 
this FAQ to be on. If you want my permission to put this on another site, 
please feel free to email me at: [email protected])
->1 FireRed and 1 LeafGreen, or 2 of one kind
->1 GameCube
->1 Ruby or Saphire or Emerald (optional)
->1 Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness for Nintendo GameCube
->1 link cable that can be used on the GameCube, or on the GameBoys, OR one 
that can trade from GBA->GameCube and another one that goes GBA->GBA
->AT LEAST 2 GameBoy Advances (SP or not SP, dosen't matter)
->AND, of course, your Nintendo DS with diamond or pearl in it (DS has to be a 
lite or old-school DS, because DSi does NOT have a GBA slot in it)
I don't want to confuse you, so here is my list of avebreations:
GBA-> Gameboy Advance
GC-> GameCube
FR/LF-> FireRed/LeafGreen, respectively.
XD->Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
(NOTE: You do NOT have to have nat dex or beat elite 4 on FR/LF if you have 
beat elite 4 on ruby, saph, or emerald(and you could clone that lugia on 
emerald, if you want to.)
PART ONE: Getting Lugia
Play XD until you get to the part where you face XD001(Shadow Lugia). (My 
strongest pokemon at that moment were an Espeon, a Ninetales, and a Houndoom.)
If you're not lazy, like me, just use your Master Ball, or, if you have emerald 
and know how to clone, whittle its health down and keep chucking Ultra Balls. 
After capturing XD001, you face the leader or Cypher (which I can't remember 
his name). If I remember right, he has Shadow Artcuno, Shadow Moltres, and 
Shadow Zapdos, and 3 other Shadow Pokemon, I think one is a Kangaskhan. Catch 
them if you can amd there, you have beat the game! (woot)
Purifing your Shadow Lugia
Go to Purification Chambre on your PC. make a set with MAX TEMPO, or else you 
won't be able to Purify. Remember that Type Advantages are crucial here, and 
also try using the Normal->Fighting->Psyshic->Dark combo line, and get as many 
Pokemon in one room of the chamber. Put Lugia in the center, and it will 
instant purify. Purify it in the chamber, changing its purple color scheme to 
its normal white-light blue-purple scheme. If you want to nickname it, do that 
at that town with the Celebi Shrine. I have an odd habit of naming ALL mine, 
and i went with the name Silverwing.
Time for Transfer!
After beating the game, the option to trade pokemon to GBA games becomes 
available. Go to the bottom floor of a Pokemon Center to do just that. Hook up 
your GBA to the GC and, follow the prompts on the TV screen. Note: You will 
have to have beaten the Elite Four on R/S to trade, and for FR/LG, have a 
Rainbow Pass, giving you acsess to the rest of the Sevii Islands.

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