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 1.In the very start of a new game you will see a movie describing Links Past(Link 
is the Main charactors original name Ill be using that name from here on). After 
that Ariel will come and find you in her lookout tower.

2.The playig starts now!-First youll need to cross the bridge that separats the 
island in half. Keep walking and you pass a house ,dont go in its not were to go!But 
right in front of it will be youre house it has a mailbox in front of it if that 
helps. Go in youre house and you will talk to youre grandma she will show  you the 
family shield (remeber the sheild!) and give you the traditional heros clothing. 
After the event go to the lookout tower (where you started out) and met Ariel. She 
will let you borrow (you never give it back) her teloscope. Use it to look at you 
houses mail box. You will see a panicing Rito (a bird/person creature that delivors 
mail) then Ariel will tell you to look up (this is done for you) and you will see a 
giant bird carrying a pirate girl and a pirate ship shooting cannon balls at her. 1 
of the shots hits the bird and it drops the girl inyo the island forest.

3.The action begins-After the movie is complete go to the house you passed going to 
your house once here you can talk to the old man living there.Once you talk to him 
you can acept sword-fighting clases. When you complete the exercises he will give 
you a sword. With youre new found toy go back acrost the bridge. Pass the 1 house on 
that side of the island and youll see a slope going up. go up the slope and when you 
run into a solid barrier of trees cut them down with your sword. Continue along the 
path until you reach a rope bridge. Cross it and go into the cave that leeds to the 
forest were the pirate fell. Pull out youre sword and walk in. Once there you walk 
down the forest. Youll enconter a creature that requires some butt-kicking action. 
Continue on and crawl through a log to find 20 rubies. Youll soon pass a rock 3xs 
youre size;ignore it. As you progress 2 monsters will be dropped of by bird,beat 
them and prepare yourself for a scene.After the movie scene (its to long to realy 
write out,see it yourself)go to your house and get the sheild it wont be there so go 
down the ladder and granma will give it to you. Go to the pirates and your off!!!!!!!

1-give pigs to the ladie in the house up a hill from yours for money
2-the ship that floats around the island sells valuable goods
3-break the rock I told you to ignore with bonbs to meet a farie
More FAQs for L.O.Z. from GCN-Master are coming soon!!!

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