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Bonus rewards 

A Midsummer Night's Massacre 
Mission: Kill Irish boss. 
Reward: Jungle Hunter costume (Predator). 

Mission: Kill an easy to find man. Buy some of the ghost suits. In a walkway 
connecting two buildings is a weapons upgrade. 
Reward: Health upgrade. Wrist blade upgrade. 


Dead Man Walking 
Mission: Destroy two crates. There is a weapon upgrade somewhere near one of the 
Reward: Energy upgrade. Combistick upgrade. 


La Famiglia 
Mission: Find weapon upgrade on top of the mansion. 
Reward: Speargun upgrade. 

Death In The Family 
Mission: At the other side of map will be a man behind curtains. Kill him to 
retrieve an armor upgrade. There is a glaive in the middle of the room. 
Reward: Glaive and armor upgrade. 

Under The Gun 
Mission: Destroy the three trucks after you follow El Hongo. One is by the 
billboard where you start. Another is in the carpark. The last one is on the 
southeastern edge. 
Reward: Ritual Armor costume and Shoulder Cannon upgrade directly behind you at 

Skin Trade 
Mission: Kill eight prostitutes. 
Reward: Bandoleer upgrade. 

The Machine Men 
Mission: Just behind the machine men. Wrist Blades upgrade. 
Reward: Wrist Blades upgrade. 

Sink The Shipment 
Mission: The area you get the maul. When you first enter at the gate, on the other 
side is a man on his knees. Shoot him with the Speargun or Plasma Caster at far 
range so he does not run away. 
Reward: Health upgrade and Maul. 

Raze The Depot 
Mission: At the start on the left side are three people in a room. Wait until they 
are gone and one will come out underneath you. Kill him. 
Reward: Energy upgrade. 

The Monster Squad 
Weapon upgrade in a small corridor on fire. 
Reward: Glaive upgrade. 

A Night To Remember 
Kill all the snipers at the area where you have to kill lieutenants. 
Reward: Alien Hunter costume (Alien vs. Predator) 

Extinction Event 
Mission: Ignore the first lot of enemies and proceed to find a man who you have to 
Reward: Dark Blade Clan costume. 

The Boss Of This City 

Mission: Kill the head scientist with the symbol over his head at the place where 
you get the scientist for the retinal scanner. 
Reward: Armor upgrade 

Mission: All doors on left side require a soldier for retinal scanner. The third 
one along has the man you must kill. In the other three rooms on the left and the 
area where you retrieve weapons are weapon upgrades. 
Reward: Combistick, Smart Disc and Maul upgrade. Bandoleer upgrade. 

Prey Of The Clan 

Ten Thousand Ways To Die 
Mission: Activate the three stealth beacons. There is a weapon upgrade close to one 
of the last beacons. 
Reward: Health upgrade and Glaive upgrade. 

Come to MOTHER 
Mission: Kill all prototype Ulysses. 
Reward: Energy upgrade. 

Hot Time In The Old Town 
Mission: Kill the first eight guards without alerting any of them. A weapon upgrade 
is on top of the church. 
Reward: Shoulder Cannon Upgrade and Armor upgrade. 

Last Rites 

If It BleedsÂ… 
Mission: Deactivate cooling fans in order (1-4). There is a weapon upgrade by the 
main reactor. 
Rewards: Bandoleer upgrade and Smart Disc upgrade. 

Bug Hunt 
Mission: Kill 50 aliens. 
Reward: City Hunter costume (Predator 2) 

The New Flesh 
Mission: Destroy the big computer up on top at the start of the level. There is a 
weapon upgrade. 
Reward: Bad Blood costume and Maul upgrade. 

End Of Empire 

Bonus missions 
Note: All missions requiring a certain person to be killed will have a bonus 
mission symbol over their head.

Midsummer Night Massacre 
Go towards the waterfront and locate an enemy with a bonus mission icon over his 

Go towards the waterfront and locate an enemy with a bonus mission icon over his 

Dead Man Walking 
Locate and open two explosive crates. 

Death In The Family 
At the top of the mansion's stairs, move past the red curtains and take your new 

Under The Gun 
After completing the timed section of the mission, locate and destroy three pick-up 
trucks with weapons on their beds. 

Skin Trade 
Before taking out all the pimps, terminate eight prostitutes by any means. 

Sink The Shipment 
An entry gate near the shed with the Pulse Mines and Maul has several Les 
Serviteurs ogling some ex-porn star prostitutes. Terminate the Serviteur leader 
from a distance when you have to search for Pulse mines. 

Raze The Depot 
Near where the Predator starts, there are several enemies in an inaccessible room. 
One of them is the bonus target. Take him out when the chance arise. 

Night To Remember 
In the museum courtyard where Borgia's lieutenants are located, take out all the 
window snipers. 

Extinction Event 
Stay cloaked and head through the first gate to kill the corrupt police chief. 

There is a weapons scientist in a depressed area of the lab. Killing him will 
fulfill this objective. 

Use any of the Borgia security guards to open all the retinal scan doors (the 
scanner extends, and there is no intermission sequence). Kill the Juvenile-9 

Ten Thousand Ways to Die 
Locate and activate the three cloaked beacons. Tech view will make them easy to 

Destroy all four upgraded battle armor suits in the room where the main lift is 

Hot Time/Old Town 
Stealth kill the Black Ops in the recreation without raising the alarm level. 

If It Bleeds 
Disable the cooling fans in order (from one to four). 

Bug Hunt 
Kill fifty aliens before returning to MOTHER's chamber. 

In The Flesh 
Destroy the computer in the upper levels. It may be a good idea to do this bonus 
mission before the assassins come to help. 

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