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Dragonball Z: Hyper Demension, JADE's Unauthorized Strategy Guide!
Autor- JADE | Game Designer- Famicom of Japan| Special Thanks to- Arika 
Toriama and FUNimation Productions
Hyper Demension is a one-on-one fighting game fot PC and SNES (Super
Nintendo).  It is based on the hit cartoon series Dragonball Z, created by
Arika Toriyama, dubbed in English by FUNimation productions.  The object of
the game is to beat a series of opponents who appeared as enemies on the TV
show.  This guide reveals the weak points of each enemy.  A quick note: The
dialouge in the game is in Japanese, so don't try to understand it.
The game opens with some dialogue, then you see Frieza transform to his
final form.  Piccilo will talk to him, then the battle starts!
LEVEL 1: Piccilo vs Frieza-

     This is one of the battles in the game that you can't win, and don't
have to.  Just basically, go at Frieza full force and wait for him to kill
you.  Now there will be some more dialouge and you will see Goku going Super
Saiyan, and Frieza will challenge him.
LEVEL 2: Goku vs Frieza-

     As long as you keep your guard up, this should be a relatively easy
win.  Use ki blasts from a distance, and if he lets his guard down, run up
and trow him.  Also, if he starts to form a translucent yellow ball in his
hand, jump kick him before he finishes because that attack HURTS!!!  After
youve won, there will be some more dialouge, and you will get to see Cell
becoming Perfet.  Then you will see Vegeta going Super Saiyan and 
challenging Cell.
LEVEL 3: Vegeta vs Cell-

     You can win this one, but you don't have to.  And even if you do, it
won't matter because Cell will just regenerate himself and kill you.  Try
to use multiple hitting attacks like Dragon Punch, snd undodgeable ki 
blasts like Final Flash.  After either you are beaten, or you beat Cell but
he regenerated and killed you, you will see Cell and Goku talking.  Then
the battle commences!
LEVEL 4: Goku vs Cell-

     Unlike the show where Gohan kills Cell, in this game Goku is supposed
to.  Here's your strategy for this battle= get behind him, then use a jump
kick to get his guard down, followed by a twin kick to deal damage.  
However, this is harder than it sounds!  If you don't pull the whole thing
off in like, 3 seconds, he will turn around and blast you before you have a
chance to do anything!  Instant transmission works well for getting
behind him quickly.  Near the end of the battle, he will start to use this
cheap shot barrier thing that prevents you from attacking him physically.
Time to change your strategy.  From now on: get as far away from Cell as
you can!  Instant transmition works well for this too.  Now start charging
your energy.  Cell wil try to attack you, nut if you are far enough away,
it should buy you plenty of charging time.  When your ki meter is full, use
a Kikoho.  Kikoo is a good choice, because even if Cell gets his defenses 
up in time, a well placed Kikoho will still take a chunk out of his health.
Repeat this strategy until you take down Cell.  Now you will see some more
dialouge, and then se Fat Buu forming out of a cloud.  Buu and Goku will
talk, then Buu will start the fight!
LEVEL 5: Goku vs Fat Buu-

     This is your first airborne battle, so it's kind of hard to get used to.
If you can, preform an elbow drop to knock Buu to the ground, thus moving the
fight to land where you have the advantage.  In either case, use Kamehameha
a lot.  Even one that hsn't been charged for very long will do the trick.
This battle is relatively easy on land, but a bit harde in the air.  The one
thing you must remember is BY NO MEANS should you attack him from close up.
I you do, he will use the food ray to turn you into chocolate and eats you!
This attack kills you in one hit!  If you get him down to fairly low health
and you have a substancial amount of ki left, finish him off with a well
aimed Genki Dama.  It looks cool!  Remember though, Genki Damas move very
slowly, so you may want to blind him with Taioken first so he can't dodge it.
Once you demise Fat Buu, you will see him morph into Super Buu, then again
into Kid Buu.  There will be some dialouge, then the final battle for the
fate of the world gets underway!
LEVEL 6: Goku vs Kid Buu-

     You can either do this the easy way, or the hard way.  The easy way is to
hold down the button combonation for charge up (b and y on snes, or c and x on
PC) right when the words READY... FIGHT! appear on the screen.  Goku will go
Super Saiyan 3!  In Goku's new form, Buu is EXTREMELY easy!  As a matter of
fact, you really can't lose!  Just kick him in the head or something until he is 
defeated.  If you decided to do it the hard way, first of all, good for you!
You are very honorable for not just taking the easy way out!  I commend your
efforts!  The only problem is, Kid Buu is VERY hard this way!  The main thing
is that he is EXTRAORDINARILY fast.  He is easily the fastest character in the
game! (Other than Super Saiyan 3 Goku that is.)  Also, he is about half your
size.  You may think this can work to your advantage, but it doesn't!  Find
something in your house that is half as tall as you, like a chair or some-
thing.  Now punch straight forward.  Did you hit the chair?  I didn't think
so!  That is the same problem you will have with Kid Buu.  You can't punch
him, youcan't chop him, you can't jump kick him, you can't throw him, and you 
can't use a majority of your ki blasts on him.  Here is the only strategy that
I have gotten to work on him: jump!  Most of his attacks are low because of his
size, so you can avoid mostof them by jumping.  Once he has wasted his ki on
you, he will take a break to charge up.  This is your time to strike!  Get in
as many low kicks as you can in the short period of time that it takes him to
charge up.  Once you get him to half health, hewill go into agressor.  He is
much faster and stronger in this enragened state.  This may sound a little
crazy, but it's the only effective way to beat him that doesn't take days and
days of whittling at his health.  Let him hit you.  Let him beat you within an
inch of your life.  Let him pound you like a soggy piece of cardboard.  Once
he gets your health down to flashing red, do the button combo for Genki Dama.
Intead of just a Genki Dama, Goku will use his desperation attack!  He will
first beat him up with a series of super fast blows, then finish him off with
a MEGA Genki Dama!  Not only does it look totally sweet, but it should also
do away with the rast of his health.  Then, having saved the Earth, you will see
a short ending sequence (The ending is different depending on whether or not
you used the Super Saiyan 3 Goku trick) and then the credits.
Thank you for reading my guide!

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