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                        iiiiiii  cccc eeeeee   h   h i ttttttt
                           i    c     e        h                                    
                                                  h i    t
                           i    c     eeee     hhhhh i    t
                           i    c     e        h   h i    t 
                        iiiiiii  cccc eeeeee   h   h i    t
                                   LUNDWIST BASE
                                     Level I
                                     Part I

      -Change identity
      -Find excuse for errand
      -Get Subpen with Clutter
    You should start off the level by jumping off a boat on to the land. To your
right there should be some boxes stacked up into the shape of stairs. Of coarse, go
and jump up the boxes and over the fence. There should be a white and red dot on your
radar to your left. The dots are the excuse for errand, and a guy. They are both in a
cabin to your left, and if you are fast enough, you can catch him before he leaves.
But, if you don't catch him, you can just wait for him to come back. Once you see
him, it goes to a video where you two chit-chat. Then the scene ends, and he puts his
hands up and you shoot him. Then you select your face maker and use it. Go behind the
desk to get the excuse for errand. It's the little sheet of paper by the wall. Stop.
Before you go out the door, put your gun away. Make your way out the door, turn left,
and head to the big opening in the fence with the guard pacing around it. Walk
through the opening and make a right to the truck. There is a guy walk around the
truck. Step in front of him and select the excuse for errand and give it to him.
Blah, Blah, Blah, you'll talk, then a green dot will appear on your radar. This is
Subpen. go talk to him, he will be right next to the truck. After talking to Subpen,
run to the back of the truck and press A.

                                   Level I
                                   Part II

      -Find magnetic mines
      -Give mine to Clutter
      -Destroy partrol boat
      -Join Dowey 
    You start off this level by jumping off a truck. There should be a red dot on
your radar directly behind you. First, before you run to the dot, pull out your gun.
The red dot represents mines that are located in the building behind you. There will
be at least one guy that you will run into on your way to the mines. The best way I
think to kill guys is to run at them as you shoot, instead of aiming with R. Head
towards the red dot, and you will see a door on your left. Enter the door and follow
the winding path to a big room. Go to the oppisite side on the room and there should
be a shelf on the right wall. On the end on the shelf are the mines. Get 'em, and get
out of the building. A green dot should now appear on your radar. That's Clutter.
When you exit through the door, turn right and follow the wall around the corner. You
should now encounter at least two guys before you get to Clutter. Clutter is
basically straight in front of you. Go up to him and you two will start yakking about
blownin' up a partol boat, and you will give him a mine. Now, a white and green dot
with appear on your radar. The green dot are your peps who are waiting for you in a
boat. The white dot is the partol boat. As you are heading towards the white dot, you
are going to have to kill another dude. If you are wondering where the partol boat
is, it's down a ramp. Select your mine and place it on the boat. Oh yeah. WATCH OUT
FOR THOSE TRUCKS! They will run you over and make you dead. Start heading for the
green dot. Go back up the ramp, walk a little ways, turn right, shoot a bunch of
people and look for a ladder that leads down to the boat. There should be guy in
front of this ladder. Kill the guy, and go to the top of the ladder, hit A.

Ice Hit Complete. Recover Noc List coming very soon.

I hoped this helped, 

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