In the Beginning - Guide for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

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Easy Start…

You start out in a ship right in front of a Dumner (Dark Elf) named Jiub. He says 
something about how that even last nights storm couldn’t wake you and that you are 
in Morrowind.He will then ask you your name. He will then say that you might be 
being set free. On the corner of the screen you will see a man come down a set of 
stairs and start walking to you.Jiub will say quiet here come the guards. The guard 
will come up and tell you to follow him so do what he says.Follow him up the stairs 
and to another set of stairs which lead outside.Once out there you will see an 
African American guard who will say head down to the docks.Turn right and walk down 
the plank to another guard who will let you choose your race. Then follow him up 
the dock to the census office. Go in and walk up to the old man, (I don’t remember 
his name), he will get your race and birth sign figured out. Choose whatever you 
want then then look on the table for Identification papers pick them up and go out 
the door to your right.Walk down the hall until you see another room to your right 
a screen will pop up and tell you to pick up a dagger which is on the lower right 
hand side, then head out the door.To your right there is another door beside a 
barrel (to the left of the door) you will need to get the “ Engraved Ring of 
Healing” from the barrel before you head through the door.After you get in the door 
you will need to talk to the Guard  Captain to your left. (You have to hit the a 
button on him) There will be a few choices of speech… choose Morrowind and then 
choose duties. He will give you directions to Cius Casades and a coded package (You 
will get a decoded version of the package a little later in the game). Now, go to 
the door on the opposite side of the room to Seyda Neen.


First things first… Save the game. You don’t want to lose your Character, do you? 
Ok, now look to your right a little for a man Named Fargoth. The Healing ring you 
found is his. Talk to him and and mention the ring he will ask if you’ve seen it 
say YES (You can get it back later). His disposition will go up to 90, he will also 
tell his friend the trade house owner about you and bring up his Disposition( 
Disposition is how much they like you on a scale from 1-100). Now to get to the 
tradehouse walk up away from the water to where the houses end up at a bridge. Once 
there turn left and go up the over walk and into the trade house. Once in talk to 
the man behind the counter (Arillo tradehouse owner) and choose to barter. You will 
need to buy what ever weapon you’re best with ( before you talk with him hit the b 
button to go to your menus, which you can cycle through with the right and left 
triggers. Go to the menu with your health, magic, and fatigue to see all your 
skills see which weapon skill you’re highest with Long Blade, ax, short blade 
etc… ) . After you buy the weapon go to the left then turn right and go forward 
then turn right again and go up the stairs. At the very top is a man(His first or 
last name is Hisskar) He’s a guard. Talk to him and he will say something about how 
fargoth has a secret hiding place and he will ask you to find it say YES, and 
leave. Once outside again go southwest (There is a box at the top left hand corner 
of your screen it’s your map, there is an arrow in the center that’s you, the top 
of the box means north the right side means east Ect…) to the lighthouse and go to 
the top ( You will have to go in the lighthouse up some winding stairs then out 
another door and up a little more) turn and face towards the town.Hit the black 
button(It’s the rest button if you’re in or near a town then you can only wait) and 
see what time it is. Then rest for the ammount of hours(You can select hour # by 
using the d-pad) intil 10 pm. If Fargoth is not sneaking around then rest for 
another hour until he is. He will sneak to a small swamp with a log there. Once he 
leaves go down to the stump and hit the a button( When “hollow stump” appears above 
it) and a menu will appear with the engraved ring of healing, 300 gold and a 
lockpick take it all and then start heading northeast out of town for the silt 
Strider( a big bug looking thing with lots of legs). Go up to the person in front 
and talk to them about travel and travel to Balmora.


In Balmora you will want to save again. You start on the silt Strider port.Walk to 
the bottom and turn right and walk to the river. Go across the first bridge and 
look for a way to go to the next street (Usually an arch) Once there go to the 
building at the end of the street to the right. It’s the Southwall Cornerclub.Go 
inside. Once inside go upstairs to a man in a weird shirt. Talk to him about Cius 
Casades and he will tell you how to get to his house.Once there talk to him about 
orders and he will give you some money and you will be a part of the Blades ( Yes 
you have to join). He tells you to find some nice clothes and a decent weapon. 
Ignore that and Sleep in his bed (If you sleep in anyone els’s bed that is not dead 
you will be reported to the guards) for 24 hours then talk to him and ask him for 


Health:  Black,White Black,Black,Black (While in the menu with the health bar 
highlighted) then after entered hold the a button and watch the health bar rise, 
keep holding a and push be so youre health will keep rising while you play the game.

Go to the mages guild and buy any bound weapon spell from the mages. Then summon 
the weapon. When you have it as your weapon press   Left Trigger  Right trigger and 
x at the same time. If done correctly then you will hear the weapon changing sound 
but you will still have out the bound weapon. This raises whatever weapon type up 
as high as you want( Can be done miltiple times)


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