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As Frodo, you were told to meet Gandalf at this inn but you don't see him? To top it
off, the innkeeper is missing! Go past the desk, turn left and find the kitchen hall.
Talk to everyone there, including your friends. Then find Nob, the halfling and talk
to him. For some reason, after talking to this particular person, the innkeeper will
appear at the front desk. Talk to Mr. Butterbur for a room. Get a KEY from him.

Nobs will take care of your imaginary ponies. LOL

Go back to the kitchen hall and talk to the myterious stranger. Tell him 'NO' and get

Push the crate out of the way. Steal pass the guard then out of the window. You can
try going up the ladder(the ring spins) but I don't think you'll get anywhere. 

Go up in the high window at the end of the alley and watch Merry get himself into
mischief. You'll try to get him out of trouble but you create more of a stir when you
start dancing. Meet Strider and watch the little movie. Well, Merry is missing and
now you (as Strider) will have to find him.

Yah!!!!!!!!!!!! You're Strider with the big mighty sword, slashing your way through
gore and guts.... ahem. Merry is really, really easy to find. Search for a lady
standing in front of her house. Go inside, whack all the rats you find and viola,
there's Merry. Send him back to his friends.

Strider must now find items that will make dolls of the hobbits. The CLOTHES can be
found from the lady that you just cleaned her house from rats. HAY can be found in
the stables (where else) where you'll have to save Nob in order to get the item. Find
a fruit stand and get the MELON. (There is also a BERYL STONE close by) To get to the
LOGS, find a dark alley (right of the inn) and go right to the end. (You'll know
you're getting close when bullies start to attack you) The LOGS are in the last room
with the doors open wide. Kill the person guarding the LOGS and claim your prize. Go
back to the inn to make your dolls.

Not much to do here but fight your way to the top. Lots of arrows to be found along
the way so you can shoot the orcs before they get too close to you. When you reach
the top, save your game. You have to fight an Olog-hai (troll) that's mighty big and
strong. Run around, hit the guy when his back is facing you and stay away from those
mean thunder fists! (There are lots of goodies behind one of the rocks)

Can't kill them. Just protect Frodo from their advances with your torch. 

Now you will have to help Frodo get to Rivendell. Walk up the path and don't worry
too much about Frodo. He'll keep up with you. Pick up the ATHELAS LEAVES along the
way. When Frodo's bar reaches green, just walk up to him and use the LEAF till he's
in the red. You'll know when you reach the end when Glorfindel arrives with his

Now you're Frodo. Save here and rest awhile. Talk to your friends. Witness the tender
moments of Aragorn and his lady, Arwen. Search for Bilbo and get the mitril shirt and
the sword Sting from him. Search all the chests for MUSHROOM and a TOME. Find Elrond
and watch the movie.

Now you're off to the Mines of Moria!

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