Infinite Ammo Hack (not Permanent) - Guide for Wild Ones

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What you need:

• Cheat Engine 5. 6 or higher

• How to use the Cheat Engine (It will help you understand this)

Step 1) Go to practice in Wild Ones. 

Step 2) Open Cheat Engine target your browser. 

Step 3) In practice match, select grenades or teleporters. 

Step 4) Enter the amount you have in Cheat Engine. 

Step 5) Click First Scan, throw another grenade, enter the amount you have now 
and click Next Scan. 

Step 6) Now you should have only one address left in the list. 

Step 7) Double click the address and it will go down. 

Step 8) Now right click the value at the bottom, and then click "Find out what writes 
to this address". 

Step 9) And this message will appear: "ACTIVATE DEBUGGER"-click yes. 

Step 10) Now go back to Wild Ones and throw one grenade, go back to Cheat 
Engine. You should see some code there. Click the second option on the right (Show 

Step 11) A window will appear. Click Tools and then Auto Assemble, now click 
Template and then Code Injection. 

Step 12) Scroll down to number 16, highlight "eax" and type in 99 and at the front 
highlight "mov" and put add, scroll down to number 17 highlight the code then delete 

Step 13) Then click Execute. Now go back to Wild Ones, set hotkeys to any weapon 
and when you press the number during battle, its now x99. 

Step 14) Your not a loser anymore. ^_^


*Setting hotkeys to any weapon: Point the cursor of your mouse to your weapon 
and click Shift+number (1-9). 

*The catch is, it's not permanent and when you use that weapon, it will decrease but 
when you set a hotkey to it, it will show that it's x99 and you can use any weapon, 
even the poison cloud and invisiblity weapon. 

*To throw lots of teleporters at a very fast rate, set your hotkey to it and click the 
number and your left mouse button rapidly. 

*You need to do this every time you log-in. 

*Happy Hacking. ^ (0. 0)^.

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