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Ok... so you decided to go after Cliff? Good choice! He is so cute!! Don't chya 
think? Well, anyway... I'll tell you a little bit about him:

Table of Contents:
1. Your enemy
2. Cliff's location (Before he gets the job)
3. Cliff's location (After he gets the job)
4. Getting Cliff a job so he won't leave
5. Cliff's choice of item

                                    1.YOUR ENEMY

Ann. Ann Is your enemy if you are going to go after Cliff. But the only thing 
is, which is good, NO ONE will get married until the beginning to middle of the 
fourth year, no matter what!!! So, as long as you continously give things to 
Cliff then you will not have to worry about Cliff and Ann marrying before you.

                      2.CLIFF'S LOCATION (Before he gets a job)

M,T,W,Th,F,S,Su (Rain, Sunny, or Snow)
6am-8am: Unavailible
8am-9am: Walking to the Church
9am-4pm: Inside the Church
5pm-9pm: Inside the Inn (2nd floor, 2nd Room)
9pm-5am: Unavailible

                      3.CLIFF'S LOCATION (After he gets a job)

M,T,W,Th,F,Su (Rain, Sunny, or Snow)
6am-8am: Unavailible
8am-10am: In the Inn (2nd floor, 2nd Room)
10am-1pm: I the Cellar of the Winery (the building to the right of the Winery)
1pm-4pm: Outside by the grape vines (the "feild" with "stalks" of grapes)
4pm-5pm: Walking to the Church
5pm-7pm: Inside the Church
7pm-7:30pm: Walking back to the Inn
7:30pm-9pm: Inside the Inn (2nd floor, 2nd Room)
10pm-5am: Unavailible

                       4.GETTING CLIFF A JOB SO HE WON'T LEAVE

Since you want to marry Cliff, you obviously want him to stay in town right? 
Well, of course you do! Who wouldn't? Okay, well here is how you get him to 

First-go meet Duke, he is the one in charge of the winery. Second-live on a 
normal life, until Duke comes to your house one day, he offers you a chance of 
helping out at the winery for some extra money. Say: "Yes." And right 
before he leaves he will say that he needs another person, besides you, to 
come, too. And, thats when Cliff comes in. Go to Cliff, and invite him. Then 
wait for the next day to come and go to the winery at 10am. Cliff will already 
be there waiting. After your job is done you will get paid, and Cliff now has a 
job permanatly. So, now he will not leave town!! Yay!! ^_^

If you do NOT find Cliff and invite him, or you forget to go the next day, 
Cliff will leave the town at the end of the year. And I do not know if he will 
come back or not so, make sure you get him that job! So a here is a helpful 
hint: Save RIGHT after Duke invites you so, if you forget to go or, you forget 
to invite Cliff, you can restart the game and then you won't loose much data. 
Good Luck!!! :)

                          5.CLIFF'S CHOICE OF ITEM
(* = he ReAlLy REALLY loves)
Her is a list of items Cliff LOVES: 
•	carrot
•	grape juice
•	apples
•	rice balls
•	bread
•	chocolate
•	wild grapes
•	wine
•	scrambled eggs
•	broach
•	boiled egg
•	happy eggplant
•	baked sweet potatoes
•	apple soufflé
•	tempura
•	miso soup
•	veggie juice
•	omelet
•	pudding
•	milk
•	hot milk
•	toast
•	omelet rice
•	rice cakes
•	bamboo rice
•	cucumbers
•	pickles
•	salad
•	* curry rice
•	stew
•	stir fry
•	fried rice
•	savory pancakes
•	sandwich
•	veggie latte
•	pickled turnips
•	French fries
•	Dinner roll
•	Tempura noodles
•	Noodles w/ tempura
•	Ice cream
•	sushi
•	curry bread
•	truffle rice 
•	grilled fish
•	wild grapes 
•	raisin bread
•	* mixed fruit juice
•	moon dumpling
•	toasted rice balls
•	* tempura rice 
•	roasted rice cake 
•	fruit latte 
•	wild grape juice 
•	tomato juice
•	corn flakes
•	cake
•	chocolate cake
•	pancakes
•	grape juice
•	jam bun
•	mushroom rice
•	apple pie
•	candied potatoes
•	sweet potatoes
•	cheese
•	* Mountain Stew
•	* Relaxation Tea

Here is a list of things Cliff likes:
•	eggs
•	pink cat flower 
•	honey
•	med. Fish
•	sm. Fish
•	buckwheat flour
•	blue magic grass
•	mushroom
•	sweet potatoes
•	eggplant
•	truffle
•	spa-boiled egg
•	apple jam
•	grape jam
•	moon drop flower
•	toy flower
•	bamboo shoots
•	potatoes
•	Fried noodles
•	Fish sticks
•	Cookies
•	Chocolate cookies
•	turnips
•	cabbage
•	French toast
•	chirashi sushi
•	sun block
•	potato pancakes
•	egg over rice
•	popcorn
•	ketchup
•	baked corn
•	blue magic grass
•	Mayonnaise
•	mushroom
•	sweet potato

Well, there you go! Good information on how to get Cliff!!! Happy Hunting!! ;)
And if you have any questions for me then you can e-mail me at: [email protected]

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