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Game Name:Space Quest VI-Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier
Type of game:Point-and-click adventure
Creator:Sierra On-line
Game Copyright:Sierra On-line, 1996
Game content age rating:13 and up (My opinion)
  "T"-13 and up(ESRB's opinion)
Game Content indicators:Violence, gross deaths for Roger,
  Mild language, difficulty level, Visual Innards
Type of guide:FAQ/Walkthrough for the Information Superhighway
E-Mail:[email protected]
Guide copyright:Chaz5000, 2001
Guide content age rating:10 and up
Guide content indicators:Discussion of Violence, description
 of some of Roger's deaths, Mention of Innards
Version Number:1.00
Date of Creation:September 10, 2001

  Chapter 5:Sys Inny and other fun 
 Walk through the screens until you reach the office for the
Information Superhighway.  Grab the screwdriver and plank, and
enter the building.  Talk to Sys Inny and take a number.
Now, will our intrepid hero Roger Wilco sit down and wait until
his number is called(If it ever even is)?  Of course not!
Open the number display with your hand, then use the screwdriver
on the inner workings.  Talk to Sys Inny again, and enter the file
room.  Grab the following files:Rancid, Nigel;Beleauxs, Hayden;
Sharpei; Santiago, Stellar; and Project Immortality.  Leave the
room, use the files on the printer, and exit the building.  Use
the plank on the broken bridge to make the return trip shorter, 
and leave the highway.
  Grab the files from Beleauxs' printer, and give them to him.
He will confess his wrongdoings and agree to inject you into

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