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Nickname: Rock Golem
Real Name: Brian Gizzela
Email Address: [email protected]

i. Legal Information
ii. Acknowledgements
iii. Main FAQ

1. Legal Information
As I have proudly submitten this FAQ I will not tolerate unacceptable abuse to 
this FAQ. I am not fully sure of every law related to copying this FAQ but I 
have gained the knowledge that I know if copied, there is my order of having 
the publisher gain profit from this FAQ. As this maybe rejected to be copied 
because at some opinion of publishers they might think that you are stealing or 
abusing someone's work.

2. Acknowledgements
There is some important information you might want to read before proceeding to 
the main part of the FAQ: I have personally written this FAQ to inform readers 
of all the hard-to-unterstand things in Pokemon Yellow and nothing else what so 
ever. As said in the Legal Information section I wish for no abuse and/or bad 
use of this FAQ. I have put a lot of hard work into this so I will be satisfied 
with no abuse of this and just reading the FAQ as a helpful guide. I am sorry 
to say that if you encounter a problem while following directions on a 
pertcular FAQ i cannot help. I am 90% sure that you will be fine while 
following directions, but if you do encounter a problem as said i cannot help.

3. Main FAQ
Here are displayed the answers to frequently asked questions about Pokemon 

Q. Why won't the lady in Cerulean City give me Bulbasaur?
A. She wants to make sure that she doesn't regret giving you Bulbasaur. If you 
want to make here sure show her that you are a good pokemon trainer. To do this 
make your Pikachu real happy. You can make him happy by leveling him up and 
giving him a good supply of potions.

Q. Why won't the boy after Nugget Bridge give me Charmander?
A. This is the same story as getting Bulbasaur except you have to make Pikachu 
even happier. You can claim Charmander when Pikachu is happy enough that he has 
hearts above his head.

Q. Why won't Officer Jenny in Vermilion City give me Squirtle?
A. You must have the Thunder Badge to win Officer Jenny's respect to get 

Q. I can't get all the Pokemon! Why?
A. Of all the Pokemon games I've played I have figured out that you must trade 
with other Pokemon games to obtain complete pokedex data. In Pokemon Yellow you 
can only tade with the Red and Blue versions. You must have a Game Boy Link 
Cable to trade with other games.

Q. When I caught a pokemon called "M" or "Missing No." why does my game become 
scrambled and messed up?
A. In the North American versions of Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow there is a 
prodotype Pokemon called "Missing No." or "M". It is like a chip based 
prodotype pokemon that was used to identify if the normal pokemon would have 
regular acsess into the game when installed. I have caught this pokemon and 
excperienced the trouble it causes. My game did fatally excperience many 
scrambled graphics and messed up settings but luckily I had stored it in my PC 
just in time. The game will function correctly if Missing No. is not in your 
party. If you store it in your PC it will somehow evolve into a Rhydon. You can 
safely take the Rhydon out in your party.

Q. Can I get Mew in this game?
A. In some facts and discoveries there were a few statements that I have heard 
to get a Mew. I am not 100% sure that a Mew is possible to get but my opinion 
is that there is no Mew in the game.

Q. Why is the boy in Cerulean City blocking the Unknown Dungeon?
A. He wants to make sure no one but the Pokemon League Champion enters the cave 
so he's blocking it. After becoming the Pokemon League Champion the boy will 
get out of the way and let you in.

Q. I'm all out of money and I need to buy stuff! I've defaeated every single 
trainer, gym leader, and elite four member and i'm broke! What do I do?
A. If the problem above accours sell lots of stuff that you already have to 
gain money and spend it. But if you have nothing to sell you're broke forever 
and forget about buying the stuff, beat the game, and just do something else....

Thank you for reading this FAQ and i hope you find playing Pokemon Yellow much 
easier from the help of this FAQ. I will be waiting for many other readers to 
have much less complicated gameplay. :) Other helpful strategies coming soon....

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