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Instruction Booklet for Breath of Fire

Well, I decided to do a few Instruction Booklets, I just take all of the 
information from an instruction booklet and put it into wordpad, then I can send it 
to cheat codes. I only take credit for typing this out on the computer, feel free 
to do whatever you want with this. (That means that I do not take credit for 
writing the actual booklet, just copying it so that people who purchase the game by 
itself or have lost their instruction booklet and needed to see something will be 
able to access it.) Hope you enjoy it.

-General Information about Breath of Fire-
Platform: Gameboy Advance
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Release Date: November 21, 2001
ESRB Rating: Everyone

A- Dragon War!
B- Characters
C- Game Link Cable Games
D- Controls
E- Game Setup
F- Exploration
G- Field Commands
H- Combat
I- Possessions
J- Trading with Game Link
K- Special Abilities
L- Adventure Tips
A. Dragon War!
	For thousands of years, the Dragon Tribe reighed peacefully, governing the 
world through it's might power and decency. Despite it's integrity, the tribe fell 
victim to the power of the evil goddess Milia. The internal strike split the tribe 
into two factions and war erupted between them. The violent clash nearly destroyed 
the world. Already lasting for centuries, it seemed the conflict would drag on 
	At last, a hero and his seven companions appeared and vowed to defeat the 
evil goddess. Te quest was perilous. After many failed attempts, they managed to 
capture the goddess and seal her in a dungeon locked with six keys.
	Now a fragile peace accord holds the two tribes together. The White Dragon 
Tribe, pledges to lock away it's power until the world is once again faced with 
danger. But the Black Dragon Tribe is suspiciously reluctant in it's peace efforts. 
Will the peace hold, or will the bloody history between these two sides continue 
for more eons to come?
	The saga of the fate of the Dragon Tribe is about to begin...
B. Characters
Name: Ryu - Warrior of the White Dragon Tribe

Background: Ryu is a descendant of the White Dragon Tribe and has the ability to 
transform into a dragon. The tribe has sealed it's power after almost destroying 
the world in the Goddess War of several thousand years ago. However, it is allowed 
to use it when the world is in danger in order to save it. Ryu lost his parents 
when he was young and now lives with his sister, a shaman who can summon powerful 
magic. Ryu's hobby is fishing.

Personal Action - Fishing
To fish, equip a fishing rod and bait in the Sub Screen. Try to find places where 
you can fish (press the A button). Any fish you catch can be used as an item.
Name: Nina - Daughter of the Fae Tribe

Background: Nina is from the Fae tribe. She can turn into a gigantic bird and fly 
through the air with people on her back. The Fae tribe abhors fighting, and it's 
people hid themselves in a remote mountain during the Goddess War. Because of their 
secludion, their ancient traditions remain intact. Nina learned the ancient ways 
when she was young, and now she is a master in the use of healing magic.

Personal Action - Gigantic Bird Transformation
Nina can transform into a gigantic bird and fly into the sky with others on her 
back. This allows the group to access places they can't reach on foot. To transform 
and fly, press the A button.
Name: Bleu - Beautiful Arch Mage

Background: Bound in a spell, Bleu has been asleep in an ancient ruin protected by 
the fairies. No one knows how long she has been there, though the legend of a 
sleeping arch mage has been told among the tribes for many years. Out of practice 
for so long, Bleu has forgotten most of her magic, and she makes a lot of mistakes 
as she attempts to remember it all.

Personal Action - None
Bleu does not possess a personal action.
Name: Gobi - Sea Merchant

Background: Gobi is from a tribe of traders who boast that they will one day 
control the world's commerce. Their trade area is any place that touches the sea. 
They are notorius for their greed, and Gobi is especially greedy - his own 
tribesmen shun him and he has been expelled by the tribal leader. Because of this, 
his ability to transform into a huge fish is sealed and his life of commerce is 
very limited. However, Gobi still hasn't learned his lesson.

Personal Action - Gigantic Fish Transformation
Gobi can transform into a gigantic fish (press the A button) and swim in the sea if 
he gets a certain item.
Name: Mogu - Warrior of the Earth-Eating Tribe

Background: Mogu's tribe built it's world underground and live there quietly. None 
of the tribe have ever appeared in the front lines of history, but their ability to 
dig several thousand feet a day is known throughout the land. They are small but 
powerful, and can wear heavy equipment. Mogu is silent and shy, but he has a strong 
sense of responsibility. When he fights, he proves himself to be an incredibly 
brave warrior.

Personal Action - Digging
As Mogu, if you see a mound of earth on the field, or a dragon mark, try his 
personal action to dig a hole (press the A button). You may discover something new.
Name: Ox - Warrior of the Creation Tribe

Background: Warriors of the Creation Tribe are immense and powerful. They trace 
their mastery at creating weapons and armor back to ancient times. They are also 
skilled at breaking apart walls and hard rock. Despite their size, they are capable 
of delicate and subtle work. Oc once made a beautiful golden hair ornament for his 
wide. They are best at crafting weapons, but since they oppose war, they rarely use 
this talent.

Personal Action - Strike
When Ox finds a suspicious rock, tree or wall, try his personal action (press the A 
button). Ox may be able to break the object with his massive power and open a new 
Name: Karn - Scion of the Tribe of Thieves

Background: As a tiny child, Karn was found in the Town of Darkness by the leader 
of a guild of thieves. He knows nothing about his parents or his hometown. Karn is 
not intrested in his past, however, he is dedicated to acquiring the best thieving 
techniques. Karn is always practicing his craft. The guild leader wonders when he 
should tell Karn the truth about his beginnings.

Personal Action - Unlocking/Disarming Traps
When Karn is stuck at a locked door or a dangerous trap in a dungeon, try his 
personal action (press the A button).
Name: Bo - Forest Hunter

Background: The Hunting tribe lives in the forest and reveres nature. This tribe is 
so familiar with the forests that you will never get lost when Bo is leading the 
group. Bo is cool-headed, reliable and bery good at hunting with a bow. In battles 
against the Black Dragon Tribe, Bo led his trive to multiple victories. However, 
the Hunters were soon outnumbered and had to retreat their home in the southern 

Personal Action - Hunting
When a wild boar or deet appears, try hunting the animal (press the A button). Any 
animal Bo catches can be used as an item.

C. Game Link Cable Games

Connecting the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable

You need:	2 Game Boy Advance systems
		2 Breath of Fire Game Paks
		1 Game Link Cable

1. Make sure the power of both Game Boy Advance systems is OFF. Insert a Breath of 
Fire Game Pak into each Game Boy Advance system.

2. Connect the Game Link Cable to the external extention connector on both Game Boy 
Advance systems.
Important: The unit connected to the smaller plug is 1P.

3. Turn on the units.

The Game Link Cable may malfunction if:
- It is not for the Game Boy Advance system.
- It is not connected correctly or has become disconnected.
- It is connected to the Communication cable.
- More than two Game Boy Advance systems are connected.

Note: For information on items trading, see Trading With Game Link.
D. Controls
Field Screen
The Field Screen is the main gameplay screen.

L - Cycle Character Order
R - Cycle Character Order
Directional Pad - Moce Character
Start - View/Hide World Map
Select - View Sub Screen
A - Talk/Check/Personal Action/Special Ability
B - Dash (with Control Pad)

Sub Screen
The Sub Screen lists gamplay commands.
See Field Commands for more information.

L - Not used
R - Not used
Directional Pad - Move cursor
Start - Not used
Select - Return to Field Screen
A - Confirm selection
B - Cancel selection

Combat Screen
The Combat Sceen appears when a battle takes place.
See Combat for more information.

L - View Order commands
R - View Defense commands
Directional Pad - Move cursor
Start - Not used
Select - Not used
A - Confirm selection
B - Cancel selection
E. Game Setup

Start Menu Options
Press START in the Title Screen to view the Start Menu with the following options. 
Select with the Control Pad, and press the A button to confirm.

- NEW GAME - Start a new game.
- CREATE SAVE FILE - Input your main character's name and create a save file to 
preserve your game data.
- COPY SAVE FILE - Copy a save file (available after you create a save file).
- DELETE SAVE FILE - Delete a save file (available after you create a save file).
- TRADE WITH LINK CABLE - Exchane items using the Game Link cable (see Trading with 
Game Link).

Starting a New Game
Select CREATE SAVE FILE. Input the main character's name and adjust the settings. 
Then select NEW GAME to start the game.

Starting a Saved Game
When a saved game is available, you can choose to restart it. Select YES to restart 
the saved game. Select NO to redisplay the Start Menu.

Note: A save file overwritten by choose COPY SAVE FILE or deleted with DELETE SAVE 
FILE cannot be restored. Please be careful.

Ending the Game
When you end the game, be sure to sace it to preserve your progress.
There are two ways to save your game:

- SAVE IN A SAVE FILE - Talk to the god of the Dragons in a Dragon Shrine. Make 
sure that your game is saved before turning off the power. (You may also find the 
god of the Dragons in other places besides Dragon Shrines.)

- SAVE IN A SUSPEND FILE - To suspend the game temporarily, select SUSPEND in the 
Sub Screen. Select YES to save your game in a Suspend File. You can only suspend 
your game where you can display the Sub Screen. When you restart a suspended game, 
the Suspend File is deleted.
F. Exploration
Exploration takes place on the Field Screen. WIth your companions, travel to all 
the familiar and foreign places you find on the World Map. Check out unusual places 
and landmarks, and take the time to strike up conversations. Use your curiosity and 
be sure to talk to everyone you meet. Information is one of your most important 

Towns are inhabited area. They contain inns, weapon shops, items shops, banks and 
Dragon Shrines.

- INN - When you rest at an inn, your characters' HP (hit points) and AP (ability 
points) recover fully. Unhealthy conditions such as unconsciousness and poison are 
cured. You usually (but not always) have to pay Zenny (money) to stay at the inn. 
Search for other places besides inns where you can recover HP and AP.

- WEAPON SHOP - Weapons and armor are sold in a weapon shop. Select from BUY, SELL, 
TRADE-IN, and EXIT. By selecting TRADE-IN, you can turn in an item you already own 
in exchange for a new one. Trade-in and selling prices are the same. When you trade-
in, the new item is automatically equipped.

- ITEM SHOP - Useful items for your adventure are sold in an item shop. Select from 

- BANK - Banks are safe places for storing extra items and Zenny (money). You can 
store up to 128 items and up to 999,999 Zenny in a bank.

- DRAGON SHRINE - Dragon Shrines are important places where you can save your game 
data. Every town has a Dragon Shrine. When you enter a new town, or level up, be 
sure to talk to the god of the Dragons at a Dragon Shrine.
G. Field Commands
Press SELECT on the Field Screen to view the Sub Screen and it's commands.
The Sub Screen shows the following:
- PLACE NAME - Where you are now.
- ZENNY - Amount of money your party has.
- COMMANDS - Sub Screen list of commands
- PARTY STATUS - Your characters' images and conditions

Field Commands
- ITEM:	USE - Use an item.
	THROW AWAY - Throw away an unnecessary item.
	CHANGE - Change the item order.
	SORT - Sort the items in this order: items, weapons, armor.
	SPECIAL - Display important items.
- ABILITY - Display the special abilities of the characters in your party. To se a 
special ability, highlight it and press the A button. Using a special ability 
consumes a certain amount of AP (ability points). (For more information, see 
Special Abilities.)
- EQUIPMENT - You can equip your character with a weapon, armor, shield, helmet, 
etc. Weapons and armor must be equipped to be effective. When you highlight an 
item, your character's stats before and after equipping the item are displayed.
-STATUS - Higlight a character and press the A button to see the character's 
abilities and condition, including:
- LV (level) - When experience points reach a certain amount, the level increases.
- HP (hit points) - Current and max hit points. When HP drops to zero, the 
character cannot fight.
- AP (ability points) - Current and max ability points. When AP drops to zeo, the 
character cannot use his or her special ability.
- EXP (ecperience points) - When an enemy is defeated, your characters gain a 
certain amount of experience points. The first number is the character't current 
EXP, the second is the EXP needed to attain the next level.
- STRENGTH - Attack power.
- STAMINA - Lasting power.
- SPEED - Rapidity of combat attacks.
- WISDOM - Ability to use good sense.
- LUCK - Good fortune in battle.
- ATTACK - Damage effect.
- DEFENSE - Defense ability,
- ACTION - When action is high, the character can attack more quickly or escape 
more easily. Action level depends on the character's speed slowed down by armor 
- INTELLIGENCE - A character's wisdom plus equipment effects. Intelligence affects 
the success rate of magic.
- FATE - Final luck including the equipment's effects. Fate affects various things.
- SPECIAL DEFENSE - Affects damage taken from magical attacks.

-Line - Arrange your characters in the front and rear lines. When the character 
image appears on the upper position, that character is in the front line. 
Characters in the front line can inflict more damage by physical attackm but they 
are also more likely to be attacked. It is recommended that you put characters who 
attack with magic in the rear line.
-SHUFFLE - Shuffle the character positions in the party. You can include up to 
eight characters in your party, but only four of them at a time can enter into 
combat. The four characters on the left in the Sub Screen are the ones who can 
currently take part in combat. They are also displayed in the World Map Screen.
- OPTION - Adjust various game settings, including:
	MESSAFE SPEED - How quickly messages scroll across the screen.
	DASH - When AUTO is selected, you can dash using just the control pad.
	SOUND - Select STEREO or MONAURAL depending on your speakers.
	MUSIC - Turn game music ON/OFF.
- SUSPEND - Suspend the game and save it temporarily. (See Game Setup.)
- END - Return to the Field Screen.
H. Combat

Combat Screen
The Combat Screen opens when your characters encounter enemies. You then enter into 
combat with them. If you win, you gain EXP and Zenny (money). If you lost, you 
Zenny is reduced by 25% and your characters are returned to the Dragon Shrine where 
you last saved your game. On the Combat Screen you will see:
- COMMAND INPUT CHARACTER - The button you press to give the command.
- COMMANDS - Orders you give your characters to control them in combat.
- CHARACTER INFO PANEL - Your character' HP and AP.

Combat Commands
- ATTACK - Attack with the equipped weapon.
- SWITCH - You can change only one character every turn.
- ABILITY - Use a special ability (magic, dragon transformation, combination).
- ITEM - Use an item or change equipment.
- CHARGE - Have all party members concentrate on the combat. All members will 
continue to attack until you press the B button.
- ESCAPE - Escape from combat. If the escape attempt fails, enemies can attack you.
- LINE - Press the L button, then use this command to switch front and rear lines.
- DEFENSE - Press the R button to concentrate on defense and halve the damage from 
enemy attacks. It also slightly decreases damage from magical attacks.

Abnormal Status
During battle, your character may fall victim to an abnormal status such as poison, 
curse, etc. Below is a list of abnormal status and how to cure them.

Name		Effect					How to Cure
ASLEEP	Cannot move until combat ends.		Panacea, Purify
POISON	HP decreases as character walks.	Antidote, Panacea, Purify
CURSE		Bad luck.				Tablet, Panacea, Purify
ZOMBIE	Attack and defense becomes 1.		Tear of Vem, Panacea, Purify
UNCONSCIOUS	Unable to do anything until cured.	Panacea, Raise Dead, 
I. Possessions

- SHORT SWORD - Your basic weapon.
- BRONZE SWORD - Has a dull edge.
- BOOMERANG - Use this to damage multiple enemies at one time.
- SNIPE BOW - Use this to damage an enemy at long range.
- IRON NAIL - Inflicts high damage.
- HAMMER - Has blunt destructive power.

- CLOTH ARMOR - Many travelers wear this to protect themselves.
- CLOTH MANTLE - Protects travelers from rain and wind.
- GLASS DOMINO - Gorgeously ornamented armor for women.
- IRON MASK - A stronge mask that covers the whole face.
- HOLY SHIELD - A shield with a holy power.
- GUANTLETS - Gloves that cover the hands, lower arms and elbows.

- HERB - Heals HP by 50.
- VITALIZE EXTRACT - Heals HP completely.
- ANTIDOTE - Cures a poisoned condition.
- AMMONIA - Cures an unconscious condition.
- TABLET - Cures a cursed condition.
- INTELLIGENCE SEED - Restores AP by 20.
- TEAR OF VEM - Cures a zombie condition.
- MOON TEARS - Cures an unconscious condition and heals HP completely.
- PANACEA - Cures an unconscious condition and heal HP and AP completely.
- STAMINA SEED - Increases stamina by 1.
- LUCKY TWIG - Increases luck by 1.
- WARLORD SOUL - Increases strength by 1.
- SPEED HERB - Increases speed by 1.
- BRAIN SEED - Increases wisdom by 1.
- FIRE STONE - Use in combat to attack with fire.
- COLD STONE - Use in combat to attack with freezing air.
- THUNDER STONE - Use in combat to attack with thunder.
J. Trading with Game Link

	If you or a friend get stuck, you can help each other out by exchanging 
items with an optional Game Link Cable for Game Boy Advance. Connect two Game Boy 
Advance systems with a Game Link Cable (see Game Link Cable Games). Turn on both 
units and select TRADE WITH LINK CABLE. Then, select a save file.

	Next, select either INVENTORY (items your character is currently holding) 
or BANK (items your character has stored). Then select an item to trade. Once the 
items have been selected, a confirmation screen appears. Select YES. Two characters 
appear on a bridge to complete the trade.

	Sometimes you may get an additional item, besides the traded item, in the 
trade. When a trade is completed, the data is automatically saved. Note: Certain 
items cannot be traded. Untradeable items are dimmed in the Item Select Screen.
K. Special Abilities

- MAGIC - Magic is a special ability which Nina, Bleu, Ox, and Bo can use. Each of 
them learns a different type of magic.
- UNITE - Only certain tribes can use this special ability. The character becomes 
much more powerful by uniting with another character. You must find a master to 
teach this ability - it cannot be learned through level up.
- DRAGON TRANSFORMATION - Only Ryu can use this special ability, and only after he 
completes a trial in the Dragon Temple.
- PERSONAL ACTIONS - In the Field Screen, press the A button to let the leading 
character use his or her personal action. (Read about each character's Personal 
Action in the Characters section.)
L. Adventure Tips
- When you enter a new town, talk to people to get information. They may tell you 
something different during the day and night.
- When getting information, have different members of your party talk to people. 
You may get some new information.
- Always check your characters status. They may have gotten an unexpected special 
- Some boss characters have a stat called "fighting spirits." When you meet one of 
these, stay on guard even when their HP is 0.
- Sometimes you won't want to encounter any enemies. Try using Protection Smoke 
magic. Enemies won't appear for a while.
- Ryu's hobby is fishing. He can fish on the rivers and sea. If you acquire a 
magical fishing rod, you may be able to fish in other places. When you find an 
unusual place, try fishing there and see what happens.

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