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My name is Michael Tortora and I am writing about inventions and super inventions 
in this game.

Table of Contents
2. Super Inventions
3. How to use your inventions.
4. How to use your super inventions.
5. closing

                                 Chapter 1. Inventions

1. VDR
2. Sheenograph
3. Reflectoray
4. Retrowrench V3
5. Shrink Ray
6. Supa Rusta Spraya

                              Chapter 2. Super Inventions

1. Strato XXL Rocket Ship
2. Energy Puck Launcher
3. Photon Energy Pulse
4. Lightning Absorber V2

                      Chapter 3. How to use your inventions

1. The VDR captures twonkies.
2. The Sheenograph shrinks down stompers (twonkies through their first 
3. Reflectoray can blast anything except for certain things.
4. Retrowrech can open things only there is a icon for it. The icon is like the Y 
icon but a shape that looks like a spoon.
5. Shrink Ray can shrink things.
6. The supa rusta spray can spray metal and you can walk through it. You can see 
this invention in the episode The Phantom of Retroland.

                 Chapter 4. How to use your super inventions

1. You can use the Strato XXL Rocket Ship to stroll through space. Only used in the 
second level called Blast Off.
2. The Energy Puck Launcher helps you fight the Frozen Lake Boss.
3. The Photon Energy Pulse helps you fight the boss in the Bat Outta Heck Ride in 
4. The Lightning Absorber V2 helps you fight the Playground Boss.

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