Itachi and Kisame - Guide for Naruto: Clash of the Ninja Revolution

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This is another submission by *thecheatmaster* and I want to thank my friend 
for getting himself Itachi and letting me play him, and myself for playing an 
hour to get Kisame.

  One of the most hardest characters to defeat, Itachi has a perfect but 
limited strength to kill any foe.

HOW TO UNLOCK: Beat Mission 22.
SPECIAL: Tsykuomi
SPECIAL II: Summons an explosion that can get rid of around 60% of health
My Largest Combo: 21 (Attack with Kunai, Jump+A Attack, Tsykumi)

Itachi is a character that is only good for those who have mastered 
Revoulution. If you haven't mastered it (more than 80 wins in Survival with 
attack level 4 and AI level to 4) yet then I suppose you should because Itachi 
isn't the force to reckon with. His highest combo with me is 21(its possible, 
don't you see those idiots getting 99s? im telling ya, its possible)and his 
special is as shown: he stabs his opponents with Tskyuomi. This is no illusion. 
Your pain is no illusion. It is as real as any filter reality. (opponent 
grunting) I think I got it wrong because I don't care for what he says. Anyway, 
he's good for experts(like lance s.)and can be OWNED with newbs(like me:P).

  Easier to kill than Itachi, but still can be hard as heck if you don't know 
what your doing!!! REALLY!! His attack with the sword depletes your Chakra, 
kinda like vipron seal except it's more powerful and doesn't require any of 
your chakra anyways. 

HOW TO UNLOCK: Either beat single player with Guy or beat single player as 
Shikamaru(me, id choose shikamaru)
SPECIAL: Multiple sword slashes, ending with having the sword stuck in the 
opponents stomach, then being destroyed on the ground
SPECIAL II: Unknown(i haven't tried)
My Largest Combo: 16

Kisame is kinda like a human-shark, since it looks like he has gills and his 
eyes are pretty round. He wields a chakra-depleting sword, though, it cuts you 
to ribbons. Thats what he says, but is it true, Kisame? Cmon, tell us all. 

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