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Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse
US GameCube Version
Final Version (September 1, 2002)
Richard ([email protected])
GameBoy Advance Compatible
Memory Card 3 Blocks
1 Player
The Complete Item List and How To Get Them
Ghost-                            Finish game with all mirror shards.
Airplane-                         Play airplane mini-game.
Sword-                            Play sword mini-game without getting 
                                    hit once.
Snowman-                          Play snowboard mini-game.
Cake-                             Play TV mini-game.
Guitar-                           Play guitar mini-game.
3 Story Building-                 Play barrel game and get all stars,   
                                    the item will be on the barrels 
                                    near the door.
Donald-In TV room.
Pluto's Collar-                   Examine the box with the flashlight 3 
Pluto's Doghouse-                 At second train stop(requires Pluto's 
Bow-                              In kitchen.
Picture of Mickey and Minnie-     Activate all the tricks in the tea  
                                    room (pulling away chair before       
                                    Mickey sits down, bringing tea to 
                                    Mickey after he is seated), then  
                                    leave the room and come back in.
Piggy Bank-                       After you bust open the piggy bank,  
                                    leave the room and go back in.
Bronze Hand-                      Beat the game.
Train-                            Ride the train.
Flower Pot-                       In the room where you got the mirror 
                                    shard from atop the closet, click 
                                    on the plant.
Bee-                              Get the mirror shard from the room 
                                    with the remote control.
Goofy Plate-                      Click on the lamp in the room with 
                                    the holes that you drop the marble 
Pink Balloon-                     Cross the tightrope twice.
Clock Tower-                      Click on the bell on top of the bell 
Castle-                           In the bell tower, after the room 
                                    with the spiral staircase.
Picture of Mickey and Friends-    In the bell tower, in the room where 
                                    you found a star container in the 
                                    fireplace, click on all the crooked 
                                    pictures on the wall.
Rubber Ducky-                     In the bell tower, in the bathtub 
                                    after you return the fish to the  
Windmill-                         In the room above the music room(the 
                                    one with the tiny ghost).
5 hats-                           You hide those wherever you want(use 
                                    places that you are used to going).
Credits / Acknowledgements
Nintendo - For bringing this game to the US GameCube.
Capcom and Disney Interactive- For publishing and developing this game.
theverybestgamerever-Much thanks for the list.
GameFAQS - For posting this FAQ
This document is Copyright (c)2002 Richard. This guide is for personal 
use. If you want this guide on your site, please ask me for permission. 
If you use any information from this Disney's Magical Mirror Starring 
Mickey Mouse FAQ for GameCube document, please give me full credit, do 
not alter my information in any way, shape, or form. 
This game is (c) 2002 Capcom and Disney Interactive 
This game is rated (E) Everyone 

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