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                               Mister Mosquito

This FAQ was written be me...Gary Ansell
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Item List

Heart Rings:
Every time you collect 50 Heart Rings your health goes up 1 heart.
Collecting Food will give you tips.
Collecting 1 will make your health go back up.
Extra Blood tanks:
Fill up all of them to unlock a secret.

Locations Of All Extra Blood Tanks	
1. Behind the Tapes in Rena's Room
2. Bottom Shelf of Bookcase in Storeroom
3. Left Arm Rest In Living Room
4.a.Inside Washbasin in Bathroom
b. Behind Rena's Head in Bathroom
5. Inside the pan that is upside down in Kitchen
6. Behind shoe box witch is behind bug zapper on shelf in Rena's Room
Near ceiling, in a small alcove with the vase and plate display in Japanese Room
8.2 tanks on the table in Rena's Room
9. Under the exercise equipment in the Master Bedroom
10. On top of wardrobe near bug zapper in Rena's Room
11. Under Piano in the Living Room
12.a.3rd step in Yamada Home
b. Ceiling lap over stair case in Yamada Home
c. Boxes on top of second flight in Yamada Home

Locations of Food:
1.Cake on top of curtain rod in Rena's Room.
2.Tangerine between two boxes... 1 box has tomatoes on it in the Storeroom.
3. Watermelon is under the coffee table in the Living Room.
4. Banana is near the washbasin in the Bathroom.
5. Apple behind pan in Kitchen.
6. This is candy on the desk in Rena's Room.
7. Rice ball in the corner of the room in the Japanese Room.
8. There is a cherry on the desk in Rena's Room.
9. There is pudding on the exercise equipment.
10. There is Ice Cream on the left wall near the bug zappers in Rena's Room.
11. There is a Rice Ball on the floor near the door in the Japanese Room.
12. None in the Yamada Home.

Locations of Hearts:
1.There is a heart on the bed and a heart in front of the TV in Rena's Room.
2. One behind the Album, one in front of the trophy, and one beside the boxes in the 
Store Room.
3. One on the piano key one under Kenichi in the Living Room.
4. There is one on the rail of the tub and one on the floor in the Bathroom.
5. One heart in Microwave, one heart behind thing in sink, and one behind the 
blender in the Kitchen.
6. One on the curtain rail, one on the door handle, and one on the table in Rena's 
7. There are 2 "Separated" on the pictures near the top of the room in the Japanese 
8. One by the closet and one on the radio in Rena's Room.
9. One on the table and one near the closet in the Master Bedroom.
10. One on the tower of Bug Zappers on the desk and one near the Bug Zappers by 
where the TV was in Rena's Room.
11. One by the Left arm of the coach and one above the other by the ceiling in the 
Living Room.
12. None

Heart Rings:
1.20 in Rena's Room.
2.19 in the Store Room.
3.25 in the Living Room.
4.20 in the Bathroom.
5.25 in the Kitchen.
6.20 in Rena's Room.
7.20 in the Japanese Room.
8.25 in Rena's Room.
9.20 in the Master Bedroom.
10.20 in Rena's Room.
11.20 in the Living Room.

Reckless Cyclist
At the title screen, rotate the R3 button clockwise 30 times.  If it doesn't work, 
Use the reset buttons "L1,L2,R1,R2,Select,Start"

Special Mosquito
When you get the Mosquito colors from EVERY unlock a lifelike mosquito. 

2nd year
Fill all 16 Extra tanks to pester the Yamada family for another year.

Cheat codes:
Get Kaneyo Mosquito
At the main menu, hold L1 and quickly enter Up, Right, Left, Down, Square, Square, 
R1, R1, R1.  Kaneyo will confirm the code.
Get Kenichi Mosquito
At the title screen...1st enter the Kaneyo Mosquito code and then hold L2 and enter 
Up, Right, Left, Down, Square, Square, R2, R2, R2.  If you were fast enough you will 
here Kenichis' voice.

Gameshark codes:
(M) Must Be On
All Colors
All Extra Tanks
Max Hearts
Max Health
Quick Suck'n
100% Extra Blood

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