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I've got some tips on how to better use and/or avoid some items in Mario Kart.
(Triple/Golden) Mushroom(s)- We'll compare these to nitous oxide in street races. 
These bursts of speed do of course make you go faster (duh), but they're also great 
for bumping other racers (I would've said people, but Bowser isn't realy a 
people...) off the road and crossing terrain other than road without the normal 
slow down. Summed up, excellent shortcuts that can win races. Quick tip- When going 
off road, as last mentioned, if you don't think you're going to make it all the way 
to the main road with your speed burst, jump as close to the end of the burst as 
possible. This will allow you to continue without losing speed.

Blue Shells- There ain't much to using these things, but I've got a tip on what to 
do if you're the one in first place. If you got someone (or multiple someones) 
close to you, make sure they take some collateral damage from that o-so-friendly 
blue shell. Even if doing so requires braking and swerving, believe me, it's still 
a lot better than them blowing past you, laughing.

Triple Red Shells- Make sure you get rid of them as fast as possible, because you 
don't want some moron running into a precious red shell while it's revolving around 
you. Save the green shells for that.

Triple Green Shells- Unless your aim is freakin' amazing, use these things as 
blockers (for other shells/racers, bananas, etc.).

Bullet Bills- These are pretty simple, just make sure you get as far ahead as 
possible before using the one you have, so as to get a better benifit from the 

Stars/Ghosts- I put these together because they have a mutual benifit. When 
ghostified (check the dictionary) or invincible, you become immune to rough 
terrain. So make sure you take as many off road shortcuts as possible.

Bananas- If you have two, wait until you hit a straitaway, then launch the first 
one ahead of you, then continue driving and place the second banana beside (but 
slightly spaced) the first one. This makes a harder-to-dodge obstacle.

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